Ways To Save Money Shopping For The Holidays

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We’re coming up on the magical time of the year known as the holiday season.

While we may be the type of people that enjoy the sunshine, beaches, and sand between our toes – there’s no denying the joy that comes in the winter months.

Even if you live somewhere where you’re unlikely to see snowflakes and icicles; it’s still an exciting, special time of year. 

However, one area that doesn’t always feel so great is the holiday season’s impact on your bank account.

You can put a significant dent in your credit cards by buying all the food for the gatherings you’ll host or attend, gifts you need to buy for friends and family, and outfits you need to ring in the new year.

cash in a jar labeled christmas money

Saving more money is always a good thing, so, let’s take a look at some ways you can save some serious cash this holiday season.

The money you rack up can carry into the new year, donate to children in need, or spend on more extravagant gifts for those closest to you. 

Take Advantage Of Sales 

Virtually all big-box retailers offer major discounts as Christmas approaches.

The first of which is the well-known Black Friday.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and many huge brands offer significant savings exclusive to that day.

Some families even make a tradition out of going shopping on Black Friday.

If you don’t mind dealing with long lines and sometimes a frenzy, you can save a ton of money shopping on Black Friday. 

cyber monday sale

Cyber Monday offers deep discounts as well.

The great thing about Cyber Monday is you can do all of your shopping from the comfort of your couch while reaping the rewards of being a savvy shopper!

Like Black Friday, you’re going to find the most significant savings on electronics and toys on Cyber Monday.

The savings on clothing and other household items will be sprinkled throughout the entire holiday shopping season and are usually the biggest when you’re shopping in-store.

Shop Second Hand 

There’s no denying that we’re in the midst of a climate crisis at this point – show your family and friends this matters to you by trying to purchase second-hand gifts where possible.

If you have people to shop for that love unique vintage or antique items, you can get some amazing things for them from antique malls, vintage stores, even flea markets. 

If you’re an avid thrift store shopper, you may be able to score some finds that make great gifts at the same time.

thrift shopping

While a lot of what is in thrift stores might not be in excellent enough condition that you’d want to give it as a gift to someone, it’s worth trying to holiday shop sustainably, and you may find things thrifting that you know people on your “nice list” will genuinely love. 

One last added benefit of shopping second-hand, or one other gift recipient of you shopping second-hand – is the planet.

You are giving back to the earth by making a conscious choice not to purchase mass-manufactured items and breathe new life into old things—definitely a win/win.

If you prefer to buy new items, we have a list of our favorite ideas for Gifts That Give Back.

Subscribe To Save 

As annoying as the multiple e-mails you can wind up getting from retailers once you sign up for their mailing lists can be, it is worth it to stay in the know during the holiday season.

Especially if they’re brands you already intend to purchase from during this time of year, maybe consider turning the notifications on again, so you can be aware of massive sales and discounts they’re offering.

The sunglasses or long maxi dresses you’ve been eyeing for the last few months might get discounted and you want to know before they sell out!

christmas gifts

Some brands and stores even have apps you can download to your phone, saving you even more money and making shopping a breeze. 

Another form of subscribing that smaller brands are doing these days is simultaneously signing up for email and phone notifications.

While it can be tempting to reply “Stop” to the text messages, again, it’s worth it this time of year to really maximize your holiday savings. 

The tips mentioned above can pay off for you and your family this year if you implement them.

You’ll save enough money that you could throw that huge New Years’ party you’ve always wanted to host, go on a weekend getaway, or even treat yourself to a nice massage and facial.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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