Non Electronic Toys to Help Moms Survive the Winter

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It’s a good thing kids never outgrow their imaginations because the best toys are the ones you can’t buy in stores! In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at some of our favorite non-electronic toy ideas for your little ones.

From role playing games and pretend grocery store sets to dress up clothes and art supplies, there is something here for every child. So grab those crayons or markers and let’s get started!

Is winter over yet? This season has been filled with sub zero temps and mountains of snow so I haven’t really wanted to take my kids outside of the house.

However, as any mom will tell you, staying inside too long (especially with two young children) really tests your sanity. If you are struggling to keep those kiddos entertained inside the house, here are some of our favorite non-electronic toys to keep tiny hands busy and mommies happy.

If you are having trouble keeping your kids busy, you can never go wrong if you turn to the classics. We have create a bunch of free printable finger puppets for kids.

free printable finger puppets for kids

Instead of plopping the kids in front of the TV or a video game (I know, this is sometimes the easiest option) sing a song or tell a story with these fun puppets. Read a favorite book and act out the scenes or have your kids make up their very own story to act out.

Sometimes the simplest toys can provide an incredible of entertainment.

Let your kids build their very own racetrack with HABA’s Kullerbu Spiral Track Set. These tracks are easy to snap together, and it comes with blocks, an arch and a bell for kids to design a variety of paths. The racetrack balls will zoom around the obstacles of the track and keep little ones happy for hours.

wooden track toy - non electronic toys for kids

This track is also interchangeable with all Kullerbu sets allowing kids to continue to create larger, more intricate racetracks while inspiring them to use their imaginations. You can’t go wrong with a racetrack.

Teach kids about everything from the food groups to counting money with these pretend play restaurant printables.

Not only is it fun to take orders and serve up food, it’s a sneaky way to keep kids learning while they play.  

Pretend Play Restaurant Set Large -  - Non-Electronic Toys to Help Moms Survive the Winter

My toddler is a food snob. If it isn’t loaded with sugar or come in a fancy kid’s meal container, he doesn’t want it.

This means I have to get creative to get him to try new foods. He has caught on to a lot of my tricks, but he really loves his Amusemat by Marcus and Marcus.

Made from food grade silicone rubber it is BPA/Phthalate free and dishwasher safe. This swimming pool food mat inspires creativity and play. The variety of textures allow kids to explore and pretend with their food.

It also means I can tell my son that mini-tomatoes are beach balls and broccoli stalks are the trees lining the pool. Now, he actually wants to try new foods!  

non electronic Toys

Rocking Monsters are a fun new twist on the traditional rocking horse. They are made with eco-friendly and natural products that are both hypoallergenic and harmless to humans.

Durable and even easily recyclable, they come in three different designs – shark, monster and octopus. These rockers are designed for an optimal height of 3 feet tall, but strong enough to hold an adult up to 150 lbs.

Sanded and coated in safe materials means no splinters or scrapes – guaranteed, and the perfectly balanced rockers prevents them from tipping over. They come with all tools needed to assemble and can be put together in about 5 minutes. They are a great way to help kids expend their energy when they are stuck indoors. 

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By the end of the day, I basically have zero energy, but my three year old seems to get his second wind around bedtime. Bathtime is my saving grace. My 3 year old can splash around and tire himself out before bed, and bath toys are an important part of the equation. He loves the Spin ‘N’ Sort Spout and the Submarine Spray Station.

The Spin ‘N’ Sort Spout is battery operated, and it creates an endless water stream by pumping water right from the water in the tub. This spout comes with gears and bath cups that are meant to encourage creative play and inspire STEM learning.

The submarine spray station is also battery operated, and it pumps water from the tub. Kids can use the spray handle to engage the mechanical station for fun water effects. 

non electronic Toys

During bath time, don’t forget the SoapSox! These terrycloth stuffed animals have an anti-microbial interior and can be played with in and out of the tub. Specially designed to hold soap, these SoapSox help make bath time fun and teach kids how to bathe themselves.   

I was provided some of the products mentioned in this post. All opinions remain honest and my own.

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