Rainy Day Activities to Keep Kids Busy and Mom Hands Free

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Let’s face it, summer can be, for lack of a better word, kind of drag. With the kids home all day, every day, it gets to be a little overwhelming – especially when the kids get bored. So what do you do when you have to get something done but the kids won’t stop distracting you? Here are some “rainy day activities” to keep those kids occupied so you can have a little down time to get something, anything, done. 

Kids Mini Claw Machine 

rainy day activitiesFill this claw machine up with prizes for your kids and let them spend some time trying to get them out. 

Tent City 

91QnwGNAqSL. SL1500Get this five piece tent and tunnel set and let those kids loose like little hamsters. 

ABC Mouse 

ABC mouse 2Get your kids out of your hair for a while and help them learn with an ABC Mouse Subscription. There is over 8,500 standard based learning activities with 850 lessons across 10 learning levels. Kids ages 2 to 8 will have plenty to keep them busy while practicing learning concepts. 

Watch A Movie Anywhere 

When my kids go to bed, I can barely keep my eyes open to get myself ready for bed so I usually don’t have a lot of time to binge shows. This summer, I got the chance to try out the Cinemood Projector, and it was the perfect way to buy myself some me time. I set up my son’s tent, handed him some popcorn and turned a movie on that played right on the wall of the tent making his very own “big screen”.

cinemood projector 2

This projector weighs in under a half a pound, and it is only 3 inches tall with easy to use controls. As a portable projector it doesn’t need to be hooked to wires or a network to play. It comes with 65 preloaded Disney e-books and videos to keep kids busy even when there is no WIFI available. When it is available, connect and stream videos from Netflix, Amazon and YouTube. It plays 1080 HD at a display size of 12′ that you can play just about anywhere. There is also a app compatible with Android and iPhone to easily control the projector. What kid wouldn’t love their own projector?! 

Cinemood projector 1Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills 

scissorsThis Melissa & Doug paper cutting activity book has 20 projects and plastic safety scissors. Its activities encourage cognitive and fine motor skills. 

Hidden Pictures Book 

510DqHkkK0LChallenge your kids to find the hundreds of hidden pictures in The Everything Kids’ Hidden Pictures Book: Hours Of Challenging Fun!. It will keep little hands busy for hours or maybe long enough to watch a half hour of your favorite show. 

Toddler Busy Board 

81 v6J84AXL. SY500This busy board will help distract those little tiny hands that seem to get into everything. 

Champion Sports Skip Ball 

skip ballGet those kids moving! It is easy to fall back on technology as summer wears on. Instead have them spend time outside with the Champion Sports Skip Ball and get rid of that pent up energy. 

Fantasy Fort Kit 

cardboard houseEncourage imagination and creativity with a Fantasy Fort Kit. Kids can build their own little world to play in. 

Kinetic 3D Spring Toy Sculpture 

braceletsThis tricky Flow Ring will captivate your kids with its crazy acrobatics, and its ability to change colors. Perfect for a quick distraction anytime, anywhere.  

Cardboard Rocket Ship 

spaceshipThe iBonny DIY Toys Cardboard Rocket Ship is an awesome creative project for kids. It can be colored on or painted, and kids can use their imagination for an epic take off. 


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