How to Inspire Your Child’s Career Path with STEM Learning

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“According to the U. S. Department of Commerce, STEM occupations are growing at 17%, while other occupations are growing at 9.8%.” –

Are you a busy Mom that feels a pang of guilt every time you hand over a toy to distract your kids just so you can get something done?

You definitely aren’t alone. As Moms we have to find some way to bargain time with our little ones so we can do the million other things weighing us down every day, and our tools for distraction aren’t always the most educational.

How can educational toys compete with apps, YouTube and all those other items that light up and make noise?  

Dash Robot STEM Learning Educational Toys

Parenting often feels like an impossible task, but thankfully technology is doing more than just giving our kids phone addictions. The fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are growing exponentially and opening the future for our children as well as our country. The many problems we face in our world today have the chance to be solved by STEM, and the brilliant minds of our next generations.

Are you encouraging your kids to explore the world of STEM? If not, they could eventually miss out on job opportunities, higher incomes, and a better way of life. As children, now is the time to start encouraging an interest and curiosity in the world of STEM.

How do you do that when you barely have time to shower? The Wonder Workshop Dash Robot.

With a robot and accessories to entertain kids while they learn, The Wonder Workshop Dash offers the Dash Robot, Dash Launcher, and Xylophone. Designed to give kids hundreds of projects, puzzles, and challenges, these toys are the perfect fun introduction to the world of STEM and coding. Each toy teaches kids practical problem solving and inspires creative freeform play that will give them a head start in their education.

Dash Robot

Dash Robot STEM Learning Educational Toys

For ages 6 and up, this robot, combined with the free app, actually teaches kids how to code while keeping them entertained. Kids can use the app to program the robot to move, dance, light up, make noises, and navigate obstacles. It can also be programmed to respond to your child’s voice!

This incredible toy is a wonderful educational tool that will open up a whole new world of possibilities for your child and teach them STEM basics. The robot also has accessories available to keep kids challenged and always learning and has quickly become one of the toys in our home that I don’t mind is getting hours of playtime a day.

Dash Launcher

Dash Robot STEM Learning Educational Toys

Of course it’s never enough to simply just be a robot these days, right? Add the Dash Launcher accessory to your robot and you’ve just added a whole new way to play with the Dash Robot. Your kids will learn about the lever and engineering fun while they launch projectiles at a variety of targets, including you, the cat and other stuffed animals.

Whistler has already mastered the art of having Dash sneak up on me while I’m doing dishes. As I turn around after I feel the first ball hit my leg, I’m often caught with a pelting from the second and third balls, followed by a victory dance from Dash just before he scurries away. The giggles from around the corner just melt my heart each time.

Our favorite way to play with the launcher is with our Bengal cat, Roxy. She just loves to play fetch with balls so this is a match made in kitty heaven!

Dash’s Xylophone

Dash Robot STEM Learning Educational Toys

Another accessory available that makes the Dash robot a unique educational toy is the xylophone add-on. This setup allows kids to create their own music or play any of the pre-loaded songs from the app. While it easily connects to the robot and provides kids a creative outlet to start making their own music, we found the mechanism, even after calibration, to be a bit off and sometimes incorrect keys are played. 

Overall, the Wonder Workshop Dash Robot offers kids the opportunity to embark on a path towards our country’s fastest growing occupations. It proves that toys can be fun and educational, and of all the robots that are currently in our home (there are quite a few), Dash has been the most fun and engaging.

We love that he has a fairly powerful motor and can be used on both hard floors and carpet. If you want to give your kids a head start in the STEM subjects, do it now while their curiosity is abundant, and they can learn with exciting toys like the Dash robot.

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  1. I love the concept of this toy. It will allow kids to have an interest in STEM subjects. It would so amazing to see a 6 year old create a command for the robot using the app. I’m going to get this for my granddaughter.


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