Ways To Save Money On Beauty Treatments

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Sometimes our wants are more extensive than our budget. But let’s be honest, this is nothing new, right?

While we all want to look and feel our best all the time, it may not be feasible to get everything we want or think we need to make this happen.

Fortunately, there are plenty of relaxing spa type beauty treatments that we can do for ourselves at home to make our budgets go further.

Maybe you’re spending a fortune on creams and cleansers, hoping to make your fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.

But what if you saved money in other areas of your cosmetic and beauty budget? Then it would be a lot easier to just head into a medical spa, get Botox, and you likely would have spent the same amount of money anyway!

So let’s look at some treatments we can do for ourselves at home, save money and have more to spend on bigger things, or stack in the bank.

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Do Your Own Manicures 

One of the most obvious places to start is to do your own manicures. And while you’re at it, do your own pedicures too!

Sure, at the start of summer, right before you bust out your sandals for the first time, treat yourself to a spa pedicure so you have some of the hard work done for you.

But ideally, you’ll be doing this on your own from then on.

diy manicure supplies

If you think about the average cost of a manicure (around thirty dollars), and the average cost of a pedicure (approximately fifty dollars), that’s at least one hundred dollars a month after tipping you could be saving.

And, that’s if you’re only going once a month. Chances are, you’re getting your nails done twice a month. So skip the salon and take care of this yourself! 

Invest upfront in excellent buffing and emery boards, a cuticle oil you like, and some quality clippers.

If you typically go for gels in the salon for how great they look and how long they last, choose a gel polish kit.

This is what I do and I think it’s much faster and easier than traditional nail polish.

Voila! You’re finished quickly and at least $100 saved! 

Facials at Home 

Sure, there is not much on this earth that is more relaxing than having essential oils being diffused against the backdrop of a dimly lit room and zen music playing softly in the background.

All while someone is massaging and cleansing your face, neck, head, and shoulders.

diy facial

And while it’s totally worth it to get a facial to slough off and exfoliate our skin between significant season changes, you can still get spa skin results by giving yourself a facial at home. 

Start with setting the tone the same way they do when you’re paying for the treatment.

To steam, all you need is a pot of boiling water. Pour the water into a bowl and hang your face over the bowl with a towel over your head to trap in the steam.

You can also invest in facial steamers if you want to.

After you steam, apply your toners, serums, and moisturizer. You can even massage your face to get the blood flowing and make your own sugar scrubs.

DIY Beauty Treatments

It may not be as relaxing as an esthetician doing it in a spa for you, but it’s easily over a hundred dollars saved! 

Styling Subscriptions And Splurging

Clothing and accessories are one area where many of us overspend – even if we don’t love shopping.

Many people sign up for subscription services to virtually style them, and they don’t even end up loving the items they’re getting monthly or quarterly. These services add up.

Additionally, many of us opt for retail therapy when we’re feeling down and splurge on impulse items that we may never even wear. 

Instead, it’s a better idea to find retailers that carry items you truly love and will wear often.

white bathrobe on a bed

So, if you already know who makes your favorite white bath robe or that really great plus size white romper you practically live in, buy it from them in every color.

It seems like a no brainer, but buy clothing that suits your body type, and you’re comfortable in and you’ll wear it over and over. You’ll save thousands a year. 

What you decide to do with the money you save is, of course, up to you.

But one thing is for sure, when you have money in the bank, you have more freedom to do the things you genuinely love.

So, consider employing some of these money saving techniques to save a little and gain a lot.

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