Tips for Meeting Your Online Crush For The First Time

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So, you mastered the art of capturing the perfect selfie and posted a few of them, plus some candids to a few apps, and did some swiping.

Eventually, you matched with someone you actually enjoyed talking with, and the two of you connected enough to exchange phone numbers.

From the app to your iPhones, you’ve been getting to know each other for a little while and have developed a serious crush on one another. 

Next comes that ever-important step of meeting your online crush in person.

The bundle of nerves in your stomach feels gigantic, but you don’t care because what’s life without taking risks sometimes?

online dating

Without risk, there is never a reward – so you have no choice but to meet up.

There are several tips for getting over the nerves and having a successful first date, so let’s dive in. 

Safety First, Always 

It should go without saying that even though you’ve been getting to know this person for a little while and you think you know them well (you probably do), they still may not be the person they have presented themselves to be (they probably are).

So, make sure you take simple, basic precautions when meeting up with them for the first time. 

It’s always a good idea to have your first meeting in public, perhaps coffee.

Try to avoid setting yourself up for making poor decisions with meeting for cocktails.

date night

Some people choose to meet for dinner or an outdoor activity. But remember, those are longer dates than a simple cafe.

If the date’s a bust, as soon as your coffee or tea is over, you’re free to go.

Whereas if you’ve made more extended plans, things could be drawn out and awkward for an excessive length of time.

The choice is yours, but make sure you’re in public, and you at least let a friend or your mom know your location and details about the person you’re meeting with. 

Always Be Yourself

We all know that we can easily present a persona or even appearance online that is different from what and who we are in person.

While this is actually pretty normal and filters are almost a given on many selfies these days.

Be the exception and not the rule.

man and woman sitting with hands close

Hopefully, at this point in talking (you’re meeting up after all), you’ve been authentic enough with your online crush and they with you, that things won’t be too different in real life.

But, this is also the time (face to face) where your true self will be on display. 

Do yourself a huge favor and stay true to yourself.

There is no sense in pretending to be someone or something that you’re not just to get someone to like you or stay interested.

If you’re genuinely looking for a lasting relationship, don’t let it be built on falsehoods.

So, be honest about the music you listen to; if things go well, invite them back to listen to some of your favorite vinyl records.

If you’ve got small ticks or quirks that you’re insecure about, let them shine – they’re what make you, you, and memorable.

Be Honest

Don’t let the focus of meeting your crush in person take away from what you might think or feel about them.

Hopefully, it’s a match made in heaven, and you two hit it off swimmingly, but you owe it to yourself to be honest about how you feel.

Don’t be so consumed with what they may be thinking about you that you don’t pause and evaluate if they’re what you’re looking for too. 

bad first date guy is on phone and girl looks annoyed

If you notice red flags, don’t ignore them because you’re lonely or need a date for your friend’s wedding.

Your wants and needs are valid, and you should honor them.

You’ve been putting in the self-work and dedication, don’t settle for anyone that doesn’t deserve you!

Always Take The High Road 

Whether it’s you that decides it’s not a match or them, always take the high road.

The chances are good that you two will get along swimmingly, which could turn into a budding relationship.

But, if you’re not feeling it, at minimum, send a text saying you enjoyed the time hanging out, but you’re not interested – don’t ghost people.

If you get the same type of text from them, try to take it in stride and respond respectfully.

Everything happens for a reason, and there really are plenty of fish in the sea! 

happy couple smiling for a selfie

Meeting your online crush can be nerve-wracking for sure, but it can also be the first step towards the rewarding, healthy relationship you’ve been searching for.

So, utilize the tips mentioned above, stay safe, and have fun. Here’s to love!

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