3 Ways to Upgrade Your Life This Fall

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For many, the anticipation of fall brings feelings of change and transition from one season to the next, and cozying up near the fireplace for warmth after long walks in the cool air.

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Consider these ideas for upgrading your life this fall:

  1. Write down your goals. With a little under half the year yet to go, you still have some time to make fast work of your goals. While many give up a few weeks into the start of the new year because the goals are too ambitious without a solid plan to make them happen, others pick back up at a later time and regain momentum. Whether your goals are to read more, begin a new exercise regime, declutter your home before the next holiday season, or make much more impactful decision like changing to a new job, there is still plenty of time remaining in the year to make steady and measurable progress towards bringing your dreams into goal-oriented reality. Using a simple, tried and true methodology of writing down your goals multiplies your chances of those goals becoming reality. Take a few minutes to grab your favorite pen and notebook, write down your goals into actionable and achievable steps and you’ve already taken the first step to progressing forward!

  1. Upgrade your activewear this fall. It’s easy to find yourself relaxing into old patterns of putting on sweats that are faded, beaten and tattered with holes and stains to go out for your morning run. No one sees you in the early morning darkness anyway, so why spend the money on it? That’s what you rationalize out when you think of splurging on yourself for soft sports bra, and the reality is having a new outfit to workout in can really boost your confidence, and thus, your performance and excitement about your workout regime. This simple act of self care can boost not only your confidence, but your activewear wardrobe too! 

  1. Choose an area of your life that is problematic or stressful. Maybe this doesn’t seem that great at first glance, but stick with me for a minute. Most of us have an area of life that is more stressful than most, and hiding our heads in the sand is a very common response to that. However, the opposite approach, of facing the situation head on and making time to focus on and address the stressful area can be the most gratifying approach. Whether it’s a long overdue uncomfortable conversation or a work project that needs to be completed, whatever it is, the best use of your focus energy you can take is to start with the first step. Make a plan, do your research on the topic, and begin with taking action, and you’ll be grateful you’re spending dedicated time and energy on improving that area of your life once you’ve made even a hint of progress. The rest will follow, and you will soon feel so accomplished and gain momentum with each step of progress towards improving the stressful situation.

How can you improve and upgrade your life this fall? Summer will soon be a faded and distant memory, with fall festivals and crisp sweater weather coming soon. It’s always a great act of self care to take an action in at least one area of life to make an improvement, no matter how small.