Relax Like a Queen at the Laniwai Spa in Hawaii

Imagine being a lush, tropical garden, letting the sunshine warm your body and listening to the sound of the ocean lapping against the shore while you relax in an herbal pool. Think about how incredible it would be to spend an afternoon soaking in a vitality bath infused with flower, fruits, herbs, and oils. How about getting a couple’s massage after you’ve spent the day in the salon being pampered like a queen?

aulani sunset hawaii palm trees

Camille from said: ‘A spa break is the perfect way to relax, most spa resorts are fully outfitted with facilities for activities such as yoga, massages swimming and can be great places to let you mind relax.’

These are only a few of the incredible options available at the Disney Aulani Resort and Laniwai Spa. The word Laniwai means “freshwater heaven” in Hawaiian, and the spa offers relaxation paradise both indoors and outdoors. It even has a teen spa!

20Laniwai Spa

The spa has 15 treatment rooms inside its 18,000 square feet. It has a room for couples as well as a room for larger groups. Some of the treatments offered are body polishes, vitality baths, massages, body treatments, and facials. They also have exfoliations and body cocoons sure to leave you feeling refreshed and your skin baby soft. One of their specialty exfoliations is the Kilikili which also includes a massage with coconut oil while you bask under streaming jets of warm water.

If you need a little relaxation therapy, they have Lomilomi massages featuring “pressure point” sticks and warm river rocks. The real treat, however, is the journey you are taken on before your treatment. Upon entering the spa, you select your own pohaku (rock) with a word of significance to you. Holding onto this river stone, you take a walk down a wooden bridge in an arched hallway to reach a center area that is almost mystical in the way the light dances on the water and reflects on the walls. It sounds as if water is trickling down a mountain to meet you in this very spot as you cast your stone into the reflection pool before heading into the treatment and relaxation areas. It’s a wonderfully immersive lesson in history and culture and thoroughly enhances the experience. Something you will never forget!

When you are finished with treatments you can check out the eucalyptus-infused, steam dry sauna, and relaxation room. In addition, there is also a full-service salon for any touch ups you might need while you’re away. 


Kula Wai Hydrotherapy Garden

But wait…It gets even better. The spa also offers an outside treatment center – the only outdoor hydrotherapy garden in Oahu, in fact. The Kula Wai Hydrotherapy Garden is sprawling with herbal pools, a reflexology path, six rain showers, and whirlpools both cold and hot. Enjoy the beauty of the gardens and the natural wonder of Hawaiian landscape while receiving spa treatments! You can even blend your own body polish.


Painted Sky Teen Spa

Especially for kids and teens aged 13 and older, the 1,500 sf Painted Sky Teen Spa offers manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages. There is also a yogurt bar, relaxation area, and computer station. They even have the D.I.Y. lliahi mixology bar to combine your own Hawaiian body polishes, perfumes, and face masques!

Mikimiki Fitness Center

If you want to squeeze in a little work out time in between you spa treatments and days at the beach, you can visit the Mikimiki Fitness Center. It is open 24 hours and includes cardiovascular and strength training equipment as well as free weights. They also offer classes which include yoga, beach workouts, aquatic exercise, meditation, and tai chi.

By the end of your visit you will be so relaxed, fit, and beautiful, you will be ready to take on reality again.

Sunset photo copyright Surf and Sunshine. All Laniwai Spa photos copyright Disney Aulani Resort and used with permission. I received a complimentary spa treatment. All opinions remain my own. 

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  1. I have always dreamed of going to Hawaii. When I learned Disney was there and saw how beautiful it looks I want to go even more. I’d love to take my youngest there!

  2. It is my dream to go to Hawaii some day. I am planning on going for my 15 year anniversary that is in 3 years. If we make it, I am definitely hitting up this spa!

  3. I have never indulged in a spa. If I were going to, it would definitely have to look like this one. How luxurious!

  4. Wow! This is a fantastic place to be! I really want to go to Hawaii and have the time of my life there. With a very busy schedule, I would deeply appreciate a day in Laniwai Spa. :)

  5. I do not know why you think you needed to convince us with multiple pictures and well written copy. You had me at the title! Seriously, I said “okay- I am game” out loud after reading it!

  6. This looks absolutely amazing and rejuvenating. I love the hydrotherapy which is so hard to find a good place for it.

  7. The pictures are gorgeous. Going to Hawaii is on my bucketlist. Going to a spa in Hawaii would be a dream come true!!!!

  8. Oh this place looks like a dream come true. I would love to go there. I’ve never been to Hawaii but if I do go I so want to go to this place.

  9. This looks like heaven! I visited Hawaii several years ago and while it was relaxing, this spa looks like it would take relaxation to an entirely different level.


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