13 Healthy Topping Ideas for the Best Yogurt Bar Ever

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Do you remember when the “perfect” mom was the one that met her kids at the door with milk and cookies? Probably not if you’re my age, but nevertheless, this was indeed the ideal motherly image that was widely portrayed not too long ago. Fast forward a few decades, and reality (along with research) has caught up with us. Snacks loaded with sugar and preservatives are counterproductive for young brains and navigating the milk aisle now means choosing from cow, soy or almond. Where does this leave moms trying to satiate that hunger between lunch and dinner? More importantly, where does it leave hungry kids after a long day at school?

FAGE Healthy Yogurt Bar

With a new school year approaching, it is time to start preparing for a healthier year. If you start making healthier choices in your snacking, it will be easier to get your kids on board too. It might be a bit of a chore in the beginning to find new family favorites, but once you do, incorporating these changes into your family’s lifestyle is a snap.

FAGE Total 5% has been a great way to introduce my family into healthier snacking without sacrificing taste. I can use it to create delicious yogurt bars for a special after school treat which are perfect for a Friday afternoon pick me up…for the entire family. Just offer a little bit of everyone’s favorite fruits, nuts and seeds.

FAGE Healthy Yogurt Bar

I’ve found that while everyone goes for their favorite tried and true toppings the first time, the more we do this, the more adventurous everyone gets – especially the children! It’s a wonderful way to lead by example and get even the fussiest of eaters to try new things.

Need help thinking of some healthy topping ideas? No worries – these are 3 of our favorite combinations using 13 different toppings:

Fig Fantasy

Fresh figs, blueberries and giant blackberries paired with chia seeds.

Clementine Celebration

Dried clementine or orange slices with toasted pine nuts, flax seeds, fresh raspberries and raisins.

Bodacious Blueberry 

My personal favorite is granola with flax seeds, hemp hearts, dried coconut strips and frozen wild Maine blueberries and a few raspberry pieces.

yogurt bar healthy topping ideas

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I love love love that as an all natural, strained Greek yogurt, FAGE Total 5% Greek Yogurt is Non-GMO Project Verified, and you won’t find any gluten, additives or preservatives. With its simple ingredients of just milk and live active yogurt cultures, there is no added sugar, and it is a great source for calcium and protein. It makes snacking enjoyable without all the unnecessary ingredients you normally find in prepackaged food.

Find a store that sells FAGE near you, ditch the milk and cookies and make these scrumptious yogurt bars for your TGIF celebrations instead! It’s a snack you can feel good about, that will give your kids something to look forward to at the end of the day or as a special reward for a job well done at school.

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