Books Every Kid Will Love (Even Kids They Don’t Like to Read)

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As parents, we know how important it is to read to our kids and to encourage them to keep reading on their own as they get older. What if you child just isn’t much of a reader?

With so many digital mediums, it is easy to see why kids are less likely to pick up a book, and it can be difficult to keep them reading. If you have found yourself struggling to get your kid to look at a book on their own, especially since school started, consider the series of National Geographic Kids books. These are so much more than just reading. They are packed full of engaging activities, exciting facts, colorful photos, and everything needed to encourage a “non-traditional” reader to pick up a book. 

Check out some of these new titles to inspire your kids to learn…While they think they are just having fun. These also make amazing birthday gifts. We always keep a stash of National Geographic Kids books in hand because they are great for a wide range of ages and both boys and girls!

book  Little Kids First Big Book of Why 2

The second book in the series, it aims to answer the countless “Why?” questions are kids seem to start asking around age four. There are more than 200 photos full of color and accompanying text to explain all of those curious questions kids can come up with. Kids can find the answers to ponderings like Why do I sneeze? Why is ocean water salty? Or Why do dogs sniff everything? There are also games and activities to keep kids entertained for hours. 

lionNational Geographic Kids Almanac 2019

Keep their minds going even when the school day is over. This book is full of crafts, activities, and information to inspire learning even when they don’t realize it. There is something for every kid in this almanac with games, jokes, fun facts, and a feature on lions with a poster contest to encourage kids to help save the lions. The kids with the best poster will win a $500 cash prize! This book is the ultimate inspiration for kids on just about any subject. If you want your kids to read more, this is the book to get. It is engaging and fun, and that is what makes kids want to learn.

awesome 8Awesome 8 Epic

With over 50 amazing topics, this book creates the top 8 awesome things in each topic. Kids can gaze at the stunning photos from the wide range of top 8 lists from space, fairytale fashion, clever creatures and plenty more.  

realReal or Fake? 3

This engaging book teaches kids how to spot phony stories and photos. Kids will have to use deductive reasoning and some detective work to figure out if what they are seeing and reading is in fact true. It is the perfect way to teach kids to always be inquisitive.

recordExtreme Records

Grab their attention with some of the world’s most extreme records. Kids can travel the world with this book and discover titles like the deepest cave, fastest trains, or deadliest animals. These crazy and bizarre records will captivate kids, and keep them turning those pages.

National Geographic Kids has created books that will make kids want to read, and most importantly, keep them learning. Sometimes we have to think out of the box as parents, and these titles will offer kids a whole new way to read and learn, even if they aren’t “traditional” readers.

And if you’re looking for the perfect card to go with your gift of reading, why not try these?

birthday cards

National Geographic Kids Birthday Cards 

Make birthdays magical with this book, filled with creative activities, cool tips, amazing photos and 30 cool pull-out birthday postcards. Precious animal photos paired with heartfelt and funny (and pun-ny!) captions help kids celebrate that most special of days. Each card also leaves plenty of room for kids to craft their own messages to show friends and family how much they care. Content includes tips and tricks for writing fun and friendly birthday notes and being a good guest, as well as cute creature pictures to spread that warm, fuzzy feeling far and wide.

Thank you to National Geographic Kids for providing these books to our family. 

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