How To Host A Magical Fairy Birthday Party

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If you’re thinking of hosting a magical fairy birthday party and need some fairy party ideas or a bit of inspiration, then read on. 

Sparkling pixie dust, enchanted tulips, and a parade of cupcake-holding forest friends would be enough to send any child over the moon.

For those who love fairies, hosting a magical fairy birthday party is something special.

Gone are the days where party hats, loud music, and cake were enough to get a party started.

Nowadays, birthdays are elaborate, with more creativity than any of us have ever seen before.

For pre-teens to adults, luckily just adding a twist to their favorite activities is enough to notate you as the ‘cool parent’ in their books forever.

What are the best birthday party ideas for kids?

Honestly, it’s whatever will make your child happy. And we all know it changes from year to year (sometimes from day to day even – haha!)

fairy birthday party dress up

We tend to throw the most elaborate parties for younger children though, and the possibilities are endless.

I spent an incredible amount of money a few years ago on a rain forest themed party for my son, complete with having a real life sloth hang out in our living room.

There were a handful of other animal ambassadors the children were able to interact with to learn about animal conservation efforts and what they can do to help.

The children were able to choose their favorite stuffed animal toy to take home as a party gift.

It was the best birthday party ever, but I never want to spend that kind money on a few hours ever again!

disney toy story alien craft

Even with imaginations that run wild, most parents don’t go as crazy as I did. I good bet is usually to go off of your child’s favorite movies and characters.

Some classic favorites I’ve seen a lot of lately are Dinosaur themed parties and Disney Toy Story, Doctor Strange, Star Wars and Curious George.

Another classic for girls is having a fairy themed party. Luckily, you won’t need to worry about breaking the bank today with my fairy party ideas. Pinky swear.

Tips for Hosting a Magical Fairy Birthday Party 

When you think of fairies, you may picture tiny-sized humans with sparkled wings. Some have magical wands, while others have magical powers.

Either way, they are a sight to see in children’s films, so why not make them the life of the party.

Play Fairy Dress Up

Have the Guests Dress Up as Fairies and Dancers

If your little one loves dancing and wishes she was an elf on her next birthday cake, this idea may be perfect for her.

You can have guests dress up in their favorite fairy costumes, then dance around while singing “Happy Birthday”.

fairy birthday party ideas

Or if they’re more into dressing like animals, that would also work well.

It doesn’t matter what kind of costume they wear because it all comes down to having some good friends over and making sure everyone has lots of fun participating together.

In addition, there are many different types of fairies out there. Some people prefer wearing wings, others go with pointy ears, but whatever suits them best.

The important thing is that each guest gets to choose how he/she wants to look when celebrating his/her birthday.

Fairy Makeup

While you don’t need to go all out and hire an artist for full face fairy makeup (although you certainly could!), you could try an affordable alternative with a DIY kit or just using some glittered skincare products.

fairy makeup tutorial

This beautiful fairy face paint tutorial doesn’t look too hard!

Fairy Floral Crowns And Headbands

If you’re looking for a gender-neutral costume idea, why not customize floral headbands or floral crowns.

Dollar stores have an assortment of colorful flower bulbs, garlands, and leaves that can be sorted on the table for your guest to pick and choose from. 

Make the costumes competitive and offer prizes or set up a photo booth for keepsakes. Your guests will love showing their creative side and getting into the fairy groove!

woodland animals printable masks

For the less creative, these printable woodland animals masks would be fun to wear!

Fairy and Woodland Food Ideas

Magical Charcuterie Boards

And speaking of food, nothing says magic like bright green, red and yellow colors! How about white chocolate pretzel wands, deep fried Oreos, and all things cake.

For an added twist, you can spice it up with a magical charcuterie board filled with colored candy melts, assorted meats (cut out holes and squares), and white chocolate-covered peanut butter crackers (green, yellow, reds, and orange as the food colorings).  

Lily Pad Hummus and Toadstool Salsa

With a few cutouts and colorings, you can turn regular items into lily pads and tiny flowers.

Think chickpeas with a bit of food coloring added in, turned into hummus laid upon thin cucumber slices topped with gouda cheese.

Or perhaps salsa with thin chunks of vegetables cutouts!

If you’re worried about health concerns, take it up a notch by making mini charcuterie boards, pre-filled with desserts and appetizers, and separated by dietary preferences.

No need for serving spoons or cutting knives which will put your guest’s minds at ease.

Fairy Party Decorations

Color Changing Strip Lights

Now here comes the fun part because you can be wildly creative here.

If you’re hosting indoors, grab a few color-changing led strip lights and place them along the ceilings, corners, and floors.

Relatively cheap for a few hundred yards, you can give your party a nice warm glow to set the magical mood. 

Fairy Garden in a Jar Centerpieces

Another great in-party craft idea or you can pre-make these, Easy Peasy Fun has a great idea for adorable Fairy Gardens in a Jar that would make for really cute centerpieces.

If you have the kids make their own during the party, they can be taken home as their party treat!

fairy garden in a jar

Frog and Leaf Placemats

Take it a step further by placing slightly crinkled green napkins on the floor in select areas of the room and placing small frogs and toads on top.

A fairy is nothing without her trusty toad companion, so why not make a space for him on the dance floor.

Enchanted Forest Cups and Assorted Colored Animal Head Tumblers

Lastly, replace boring paper cups with DIY animal heads or style them up with attachable enchanted forest decorations.

You can create a craft table with construction paper, scissors and glue and let the kids imaginations go wild.

woodland animals cup craft

If you want to make it easy, Simple as That Blog has these really adorable Woodland Cup Crafts available as a free printable template.

Fairy Party Games

Keep your guest on their toes with wild creative games, like I Believe Fairy Scavenger Hunt and Fairy Bean Toss.

“I Believe” Fairy Scavenger Hunt

Our I Believe Fairy Scavenger Hunt printable is a great party activity.

It can be played alone or in teams of three to four guests each who will compete amongst each other to see whose team can locate all missing items within a set time frame.

fairy scavenger hunt printable

On the hunt for Toadstools, feathers and sparkle rocks, each player will take turns locating their selected item before the next player can join in on the fun.

The team with the most players finished when the timer goes off will be the winner and can challenge the opposing team(s) to an activity or win a prize.

Fairy Bean Toss

If you’ve ever played hot potato, then this game will feel familiar. You can get very creative with this.

In a circle, a fairy bean bag filled with prank-flavored jellybeans (that the participants do not know about) is tossed to each player until a timer runs out.

The player caught with the fairy bean bag must open up and eat at least three jellybeans before returning to their seat.

The last player standing may win a prize or challenge another to an activity.  

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