I get so many compliments on my mantra band travel bracelets that I decided to put together a post of my favorite pieces of travel mantra jewelry. Most people only think of mantra bracelets when you mention MantraBand, but they actually have a bunch of different types of mantra jewelry and I especially love their new line of mantra necklaces!

Carry your inspiration with you at all times, no matter where you are, with these beautifully simplistic pieces from MantraBand (use coupon code JEANATRAVELS to save 10%!). You will be able to find something for anyone…even men. With a variety of pieces available in multiple finishes, wear your heart on sleeve wherever this world may take you.

“OM” Mantra Bracelet


Always remember the sacred mantra of OM.

“What if you fly?” Mantra Bracelet

This mantra band is a constant reminder of the beautiful poem by Eric Hanson.

“Live what you love” Mantra Necklace 


This mantra bar necklace is a reminder to never stop creating the life you want to live.

“Ohana” Mantra Necklace

The Hawaiian word for “family”, you can carry a little reminder of yours wherever you may go with this silver mantra necklace.

“Be here now” Mantra Bracelet

I love this mantra band because it reminds me to always be in the moment and enjoy every last drop of the present. After all, it is a gift!

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“Fearless” Mantra Necklace

Never forget your courage when you leave the house with this Fearless Mantraband bar necklace.

“Just keep swimming” Mantra Bracelet

Sometimes you need a little reminder to Just Keep Swimming.

“All I need is within me” Mantra Bracelet

You got this girl! This mantra band reminds you that everything you need, you already have.

“To the moon and back” Mantra Necklace

Wear this mantra bar necklace as a reminder to never let yourself be limited.

“Not all who wander are lost” Mantra Bracelet

This mantra band says a wandering soul isn’t a bad thing.

“Enjoy the journey” Mantra Bracelet

This “enjoy the journey” mantra band features something worth remembering every day.

“Choose joy” Mantra Necklace


Sometimes we need a little push to remember to choose happiness.

“Hakuna Matata” Mantra Bracelet

No more worries for the rest of your days.

“Have courage and be kind” Mantra Bracelet

Wise words to live and travel by.

“Warrior” Mantra Necklace

Never forget that you are a warrior!

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