9 Easy Beach Hairstyles for Your Next Vacation

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For many of us, the idea of traveling conjures up vacation getaway time when we totally relax and pull our hair back into a messy bun or some other cute beach hairstyles and look presentable enough to be out in public without scaring people.

But we also travel for other reasons that require from just a bit to a lot more polish. Traveling on business, for example, or traveling to attend a special event like a wedding or a school reunion.

Once you’ve gotten where you’re going, you want to look good, but you don’t want to spend hours in a strange salon, either.

What you need for those occasions are cute beach hairstyles you can do yourself in a minimal amount of time and without dragging your entire usual hair care arsenal with you.

easy hair styles for travelers

One great trick is to get hair extensions before you head off.

Tape-in hair extensions are inexpensive and with a minimum amount of care they can last six to eight weeks – long enough to see you through your trip and then some.

They come in every texture from straight to kinky curly to match your own hair, and you can apply them pretty easily yourself, too.

Even if you’re not interested in adding length, extensions also add volume to fill out the look of thin hair.

Here are some other ideas and tips for cute beach hairstyles on vacation:

Hair Products to Bring

You know what your hair needs in the way of everyday products like shampoo and conditioner, but you also want to consider the climate you’re going to be in if it’s not the same as you’re used to.

If you’re flying to your destination, remember the airline packaging and size restrictions.

  • Sunny location: If you color your hair and you’re going to be in the hot sun, bring a leave-in conditioner with SPF to protect it from fading.
  • Humid location: If you’ve got super curly hair and are going to be somewhere hot and humid, bring an anti-humectant styling product so your hair doesn’t attract moisture and go all frizzy on you.
  • Cold location: If you’ll be somewhere cold and dry, you might want to bring a product that will keep flyaways under control.
  • Long vacation: If you’re going to be away past the time you’d ordinarily get a touch-up, you can extend the life of your color with a product that will conceal roots. They’re available in both powder and spray form, and an application will last until your next shampoo.

Hair Accessories to Bring

Everyone knows that over-packing is just about the biggest taboo there is, especially when you’re traveling by air.

You’ll probably spend a lot of time paring down the list of clothes and shoes you’re going to bring, but hair accessories are tiny and practically weightless, so don’t skimp on packing a bunch of them. 

You’ll be able to adapt your styles to whatever’s going on and change up your look even if you’re wearing the same dress twice.

You’ll be glad to find an assortment of these in your bag:

  • Coated elastics so you can pull your hair up and back into a ponytail or bun.
  • Barrettes, both plain and fanciful, so you can swoop your bangs off your face or sweep one or both sides of your hair back.
  • A headband to secure your hair off your face if you’ll be playing any sports.
  • A clamp-style clip to pin your hair up off your neck if the weather is hot and sticky.
  • A scarf or pre-made head wrap to add interest to your look when you’re going casual.
  • A floppy hat or baseball cap for when the spirit moves you to just get up and out as fast as you can.

Easy Beach Hairstyles to Try

You probably have several go-to ways to style your hair when you’re at home.

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If you want to try something new that doesn’t take a lot of time when you’re on the road, you can find inspiration here:

  • Pinterest has tons of do-it-yourself styles to look at, of course. Before you leave for your trip, spend a few minutes viewing the head scarf tutorials that could really save you on a day that your hair just won’t cooperate.
  • Most all buns, updos, topknots, twists, and braids just take a couple of minutes to arrange. They’re easy for traveling, and lend themselves to both day and evening looks. Brush up your technique with online tutorials on all of these styles so you can do them without even thinking.
easy beach hairstyles for travelers
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9 Easy Vacation Hairstyle Tutorials

Here are 9 of our most favorite tutorials for beautiful and easy vacation hairstyles that anyone can do on the go.

Follow our Pinterest board here for more inspiration.

easy hairstyles for travelers

The French Braid Twisted Bun by Dani Marie

Screen Shot 2017 03 23 at 9.54.47 AM

The One Minute Knotted Half Updo by Barefoot Blonde

gallery 1436820155 flower braid

The Flower Braid by Cosmopolitan

Screen Shot 2017 03 23 at 10.04.24 AM

The Everyday Flip Twist Ponytail by Missy Sue

thebeautydepartment easiest updo

The Easiest Updo Ever by The Beauty Department

messy bun updo

The 2 Minute Bun from Makeup Wearables


The Low Bun by A Beautiful Mess

kassinka twist braids

The Half Up Twists for Short Hair by Kassinka

Screen Shot 2017 03 23 at 9.52.34 AM

The Double Dutch Braid Bun by Barefoot Blonde.

Which is your favorite?

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