Festival Looks for 2023

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When you’re planning a weekend at a festival, planning your outfits is just as important as your tent, sleeping bag and checking off your packing list! For some, a festival weekend is something that they may only do once, while others consider these experiences as a regular occurrence that needs to be replicated every single year.

No matter how often you go to festivals, knowing what to wear is important – after all you want to be comfortable, cool and look the part. Here is our list of what to wear while still packing light.

Your favorite bralette

Most festivals are hot and dirty so you want something easy to wear that you can combine with just about anything…while still looking cute, right? This is where bralette tops come in. These stunning pieces are the perfect choice for your festival weekend for a variety of reasons.


When you’re dancing, singing along, making your way through the sea of tents or hoping to keep cool in blistering heat, it’s important to wear something that ticks all the boxes and bralettes are the perfect choice.

festival camping tents

Made from lightweight material and stretchy fabric, these cute under pieces won’t dig in or make you sweat like traditional bras and they’re even comfortable enough to sleep in – probably for the best if you’re sleeping in a tent


The bralette isn’t just something you might wear under your clothes. They are in fact, perfect for wearing as part of your everyday festival look. Because they come in so many different designs you can easily find something to suit your personal style and effortlessly wear throughout the festival weekend.

From spaghetti straps and triangle shapes, to plunge cuts, high neck options, keyhole, cutouts, racerback, lace, denim, rhinestone and brightly colored styles, the possibilities and combinations are endless! 

two girls holding up drinks at a festival

Styling a bralette can seem daunting, but there are so many options and ways to wear one, you’re sure to find something that will keep you comfortable during your festival weekend and also help you look the part.

Under an oversized shirt

Comfort is key during a festival and thankfully, oversized shirts are also in vogue right now. An oversized shirt and a super cute bralette are the perfect festival duo, with the bralette peeking out under the shirt and the light material of your top keeping you fresh with an on-trend oversized look.

Plus, if it gets too warm you can always take off the shirt and show off that beautiful bralette!

people laughing and dancing at a festival

Pair With Shorts

Festivals are usually the highlight of summer (weather permitting!) and the temperatures can quickly rise, so keeping cool is an absolute must. One of our favorite festival looks is pairing a gorgeous lace, racerback bralette with some high-waisted shorts and of course, Wellies! It’s a simple but stylish look that works every time. 

Rock the Crochet Look

Crochet styles are hot right now and wearing a crochet bralette is a great choice if you’re looking for a cute boho 70s vibe. Pair with some bell-bottom jeans or even a colorful, long-flowing cardigan or wrap and you’ll be channelling your inner boho babe with ease.

Final Thoughts…

Thanks to the versatility and effortless chic of the bralette, you can achieve dozens of different looks that will complement your chosen festival style. Which one would you choose? 

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