8 Beauty Trends You Need to Try Now

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Women love to look good, and these beauty trends help women look and feel their best with ease.

From skin smoothing rollers, to styling your hair naturally, there are countless ways to look amazing.

If you’re looking for some new ideas to add to your beauty regimen, here are some of the top trends you can’t live without.

Natural Hair

Women are under a lot of pressure to look good. This has caused some issues when it comes to women and their hair.

There is pressure for curly hair to be straight, gray hair to be dyed, and people to use hair pieces and wigs to cover their natural hair. This is crazy.

Women should be allowed to wear their hair in its natural state with no pressure to make straight hair curly, or curly hair straight. And that’s what’s happening.

red natural curly hair

Women with beautiful afros can wear their natural curls with pride. Women going gray don’t have to add harsh chemicals to look their best.

And women with straight hair at all times of the day can rest easy that they don’t need to do much beyond washing and brushing it each day.

Wear your natural hair with pride, no matter what type you have.

And on the flip side, if having purple hair is your thing – then do that with pride too! Don’t let anyone else’s opinion have an effect on your confidence, likes and dislikes.

Face Roller

Want to relax your face, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and feel amazing with one simple tool?

Quartz and jade face rollers are all the rage and there is a reason why.

By rolling your face using this simple tool, you can relax facial muscles, remove tension, and boost your circulation.

Additionally, when used regularly, you can even reduce the puffiness under your eyes.

Blue Light Protection

Who knew that you’d need protection from the light coming out of all your electronic devices?

blue light blocking glasses

Using a skincare regimen and blue light blocking glasses can help protect your skin from the damages of this type of lighting.

You can get help with antioxidant creams, supplements, and even by wearing sunscreen on your face daily.

With blue light blocking glasses, you can protect your eyes, the sensitive skin around them, and even sleep better at night.

Custom Fragrances

While it’s great to buy Sofia Varga perfume because it’s your favorite, getting custom fragrances is a new trend.

Why not combine a bit of your favorite scents to create something unique, or have a perfumery make one just for you?

You can combine your favorite sweet and woody scents to make an intoxicating fragrance that will leave you feeling beautiful and might spark the curiosity of others.

DIY Spa Treatments

Creating a spa experience at home is entirely possible.

Cold Busting DIY Bath Bombs

Use relaxing essential oils, , bath bubbles, and even bath salts. Leverage homemade mask recipes, skin treatments, make your own fizzy bath bombs or soothing sugar scrub.

When you need a way to relax in between your regular spa days, these treatments can help you relax, and give your skin the pampering it needs.

Hair Clips

Did you know that those claw clips of the 90’s are back in style?

Use them to create instant-updo’s or hold your hair back when you need it out of your face.

They come in many colors, including natural hair colors so they blend in better with your lovely locks. You’ll also find hair clips in large and small sizes.

False Lashes

If you haven’t jumped on the fake eyelash bandwagon, what are you waiting for? False lashes are still popular and can add a bit of glam to any look.

While some women go bold with long false lashes, others like to make it a little more natural with shorter versions.

Additionally, fake eyelashes are perfect for women with thinning lashes who want to look and feel their best.

And with kits that make it simple to put on and peel off, there is no special equipment you’ll need to buy.

Piercings and Tattoos

A decade ago, it was hard to find women in the professional world who were allowed piercings beyond a single set of earrings.

simple travel tattoos

Nowadays, thanks in part to celebrities normalizing them, more women enjoy piercings on their body beyond their ears and tattoos in visible places.

Nose piercings and pierced eyebrows are two of the most popular, while simple travel tattoos can help express your more adventurous side.

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