8 Tips for How to Tame Curly Hair

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Do you have curly hair? Have you spent most of your life trying to figure out the secret trick to making your hair more manageable?

Do you have a cupboard full of abandoned products that have only been used once? Do you run from humid environments, dreading the inevitable frizz?

Yep, you are a curly girl.

It is a never ending battle to combat frizz and create manageable curls. It changes from day to day and depends largely on the weather.

How to Tame Curly Hair

So what is a girl supposed to do? In my never ending battle to have soft, touchable curls, here are a few things that have helped tame my crazy curls…most days.  

how to tame crazy curly hair

Brush Before Washing

Before I wash my hair, I untangle it with a wide tooth comb. This helps prevent split ends and breakage compared to brushing it when wet.

When your hair is wet, it is more likely to cause breakage. If I comb my hair after I am done washing, it also seems to ruin the curl and makes it a big fuzzy mess.

After I wash it, I finger comb out any tangles as I put in product.

Don’t Wash It

If I am not going anywhere important, I don’t even bother washing my hair.

As you probably know, curly hair tends to be very dry. The less washing you do, the better shape your hair will be in. It helps prevent further drying out and breakage.

If you can get by without it, skip the washing.

After a day or two, my curls start to get limp and full of frizz. To keep them looking their best, I spritz my hair with water, making sure the top layer is damp.

Then, I put in product and wrap a strand around my finger, hold for a second, spritz with hairspray and let go.

I do this for some of the curls on the top layer just to fix the shape and bounce back.   

Use Conditioner Only

When you do wash you hair, don’t use shampoo! It strips hair of its natural oils making your curls even more dry. I avoid it at all costs.

When I wash my hair, I use only conditioner. Using a moisturizing conditioner, scrub your scalp and work it through the ends of your hair.

When I say scrub, I mean scrub like hell. Your scalp gets build up on it from oil and sweat, and if your don’t really rub the conditioner on it, your scalp will look greasy.

I use quite a bit of conditioner since my hair is longer, but I start at my scalp making sure to rub it in all over.

You will know if you didn’t scrub enough because the parts you missed will feel gummy.

If you have scrubbed sufficiently, it should feel silky and clean. When I am done scrubbing my scalp, I work it through the rest of my hair.

I haven’t used a clarifying shampoo in years, using the above method instead.

Use a Diffuser

I swear by my diffuser. If you have curly hair, you need a diffuser.

how to tame crazy curly hair

When I let my hair air dry, it tends to frizz up, but the weight of my hair pulls down on the top.

I end up with frizzy hair that is curly at the ends and just wavy at the root like I had a perm that grew out.

When I use a hair dryer, it completely destroys the curl, and I end up with a massive ball of fuzz.

A diffuser provides the heat without the velocity which allows the curls to keep their shape without producing frizz.

I get better shaped curls and much less fuzz than any other drying options.

Avoid Aggressive Towel Drying

Don’t rub that towel all over your head or wrap it up. It causes hair to tangle, break and even strips your strands.

Instead of wrapping your hair up in a towel, gently pat your hair to mop up excess water before moving on to the next step in your routine.

Use Product

As a curly girl, product is your best friend…Well, it can be.

If you have wavy curls or thinner hair, use a lighter product for your curls.

The thicker and tighter your curls are, the heavier the product you can use.

Make sure you are putting product in when your hair is damp. If it is really wet, it won’t work as well. If it is too dry, the frizz has already started.

Put product in after you have gently soaked up excess water.

My hair seems to curl best when I use mousse paired with a little bit of serum. The mousse helps shape the curls and the serum reduces frizz. Then, I spritz it all with a little hairspray before using my diffuser.

If you have thicker, tighter curls, trying use a cream based product. No curl is the same, so you have to figure out the right concoction for your curl type.

Seek Treatment

When you are all out of ideas, and you need some real TLC for those dry curls, try a weekly remedy to give it a deep moisturizing effect.

The Rita Hazan Weekly Treatment is designed to help soften even the most damaged hair and keep it frizz free for up to 24 hours.

rita hazan

Made without sodium chloride or any parabens, this treatment has two steps to repair hair and leave it silky and manageable.

Step one opens up the cuticle and allows it to take in healing oils.

Step two seals the cuticle to hold in the hydration.

There are also rice proteins which strengthen the hair and even protect its color. Its fast working formula will do wonders for your hair, and its lightweight consistency won’t leave your hair greasy.

I like to use treatments like this in the summer when the heat is really getting to my curls.

Get A Haircut

Keep your hair healthy by getting frequent haircuts. It will get rid of split ends and damage which will help keep your curls at their best.

Try out a new cut for summer to help keep those curls looking fresh and frizz free. Go after hair styles and cuts that are similar to your curl type.

Curls are finicky and specific to each person so not every curly cut will work on just any curly hair. Do a little research on styles for your hair thickness and curl type.

Then, (I cannot stress this enough) go to a hairdresser that knows curly hair!

I have had so many hairdressers do things to my hair that make it awful just because they don’t know how to handle curls.

Find a stylist you trust, and I always try to look for one that actually has curly hair. They will understand your struggle.

I received a free sample of the Rita Hazan Weekly Treatment. All opinions remain my own. 

5 thoughts on “8 Tips for How to Tame Curly Hair”

  1. I can identify with this even though I have naturally straight hair. I like to perm my hair from time to time and you have to do all the same things to make sure your curls don’t turn into frizz. It’s labor some for sure.

  2. I have straight hair that tends to get oily at times. I cannot go one day without washing my hair. These are all great tips for women with curly hair. I will share this post with my youngest sister. She’s got curly hair and sometimes to save time, she just ties it up in a bun.

  3. I have wavy hair that sometimes seem that they have a mind of their own. Thanks for the tips on how to tame this mane. I will also give Rita Hazan products a try!

  4. Having a curly hair is of my biggest problem. Going through your tips will make it easier to handle this crazy- curly hair of mine.


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