Best Beauty Treatments to Ward of Winter Wear

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While we loved snow days as a kid, it is definitely more than inconvenient to be snowed in as an adult.

The silver lining? You get to pamper yourself to top-notch beauty treatments for a day or even the full winter season with no judgments.

Take this personal hibernating guide to the greatest treatments for your face, body, nails, and hair.

You will find a spa-worthy treatment, or 15, that does not even demand you to leave your house.

After all, pampering yourself does not have to be expensive.


I know what you’re thinking – this is impossible to do at home and you can’t give yourself a good massage. But you’re wrong! There are lots of ways you can self massage at home.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, massage treatment can be useful for stress alleviation.

foot massage

There are many massage techniques that can be used on your back, legs, arms and hands.

In fact, there are massage techniques that massage just about every part of the body.

How to Massage Your Back

Let’s start with a simple massage technique for the back. To do this massage technique, all you need is a table or flat surface and a towel.

After getting everything ready, lie down on the table face down with your feet hanging off one end and your head at the other end (this may seem uncomfortable at first but it will get easier).

Next place the towel over your mid-back area and fold it in half lengthwise twice so is enough thickness to massage into the muscle. Now you are ready to massage.

Starting at the top of your back, use both hands to massage the towel into the muscle using a circular motion. Massage in this way all the way down your back, making sure to massage the entire mid-back area. Once you reach the bottom, massage up again until you reach the top.

You can also massage your neck and shoulders with this technique by placing the towel around them and massaging in a circular motion.

Now let’s move on to some massage techniques for other parts of the body.

How to Massage Your Arms

One massage technique that is great for the arms is called “The Tennis Ball Arm Rub”. For this technique, you will need a tennis ball or any other kind of small, round massage ball.

To do this massage technique, sit or stand with one arm bent so you are holding the lower arm in front of your body. Next take the massage ball and start massaging by rolling it up and down the inside of your elbow joint (at the crease). Remember to massage both sides.

While doing this massage technique, you can also massage by making small circles with the massage ball (and remember to breath).

Another massage technique that is great for arms is called Kneading. For this massage technique, all you will need is a flat surface like a table or chair. First place your hands on top of each other with your palms facing down against the flat surface; then move them up and down (as if you are kneading dough).

Now let’s move on to massage techniques for the legs.

How to Massage Your Legs

One massage technique that is great for the legs is called “The Foot Rub”. For this technique, you will need a bowl of hot water and a towel.

After filling the bowl with hot water, dip the towel in and wring it out so it is damp but not soaking wet. Then place the towel around your foot and massage by rubbing your foot up and down the towel (making sure to go over every part of your foot).

You can also use a massage ball or your hands to massage your feet. Just make sure to massage all areas, including the heels, toes, and sides of the feet.

Now let’s massage the hands.

How to Massage Your Hands

One massage technique that is great for the hands is called “The Hand Rub”. To do this massage technique, you will need a tennis ball or any other kind of small, round massage ball.

First sit on a chair with your head up straight and both arms resting on your thighs (with palms facing down). Then place the ball under one hand and massage the palm by rolling it all over in both directions (up and down and side to side). Also make sure to massage around wrist area where you can feel some bone sticking out.

Once you are done with this massage technique, do exactly what you did but using the other hand. Remember to use deep pressure when doing this massage technique.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs get made up of a variety of skin-nourishing substances like hemp extracts, citric acid, and baking soda, which give the bath bombs their characteristic bubbles.

Unlike many other bath products on the market, bath bombs are made entirely of natural ingredients.

DIY Bath Bombs

As a result, there are fewer irritants that can cause inflammatory reactions. Instead, they are relaxing and nourishing, with wonderful skin-softening effects.

A bath bomb softens and moisturizes the skin by adding softeners and moisturizers to the bathwater. Bath bombs leave the skin smooth, soft, and elastic, regardless of the skin type. Yes, it moisturizes and cleanses the skin, and it also soothes and pampers it with the nutrients it contains.

Sodium bicarbonate and citric acids are in almost all bath bombs. Bath bombs are popular because of the burbling impression created by the two ingredients. They also deodorize, disinfect, improve blood vessels, and rejuvenate the skin. Plus, making DIY bath bombs is easy.

Use a Daily Toner 

When it comes to skincare, not everyone needs a complicated routine.

A facial toner may help you glow, keep your skin clean and refreshed, and lessen the appearance of pores, among other things. Toners can also help soothe the skin.

It’s easy to incorporate into your routine – following a wash, just apply your choice of toner gently over your face using a cotton round.

reusable cotton rounds

Because this is something I do daily, I love using reusable/washable cotton face pads to help decrease the waste I produce.

If you are worried that your skin might become dry, you can use a moisturizing toner and be sure to follow it with your favorite moisturizer.

Full-Body Wrap

If you’re searching for a way to relax and pamper yourself, a home full-body wrap may be just what you need.

Body wraps are all the latest craze, and they offer a slew of skin and overall health advantages.

Full-body wraps are the most popular and natural beauty treatments for a good reason. While you relax, the body wraps enhance, nourish, and moisturize your skin.

This type of wrap can help improve your circulation, detoxify your body, and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Winter does not have to be a period of hibernation at home. You deserve to feel gorgeous and confident in all seasons, so treat yourself to these winter beauty treatments to reduce the effects of the cold weather and feel confident and empowered in yourself.

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