Somehow, I have found myself on the cusp of 30 and expecting my second child. It feels like just yesterday I was graduating from college without a care in the world…Except, when I look in the mirror, I am beginning to see all of those years on my face. My skin has started to dull, my eyes are puffy and tired, and once again I need to start slathering lotion on my stomach in a desperate attempt to prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy. This time around, I started looking for a skincare line that could offer me products that were safe during pregnancy and keeps my skin looking its best. As many moms know, that is no easy feat especially for those of us prone to breakouts. When I had the chance to try out a line of skincare for face and body that was designed specifically for pregnancy, I was hopeful that it would be my answer.

Prevent Stretchmarks During Pregnancy

The Belli Skincare Line was designed by a husband and wife team while expecting their first child and frustrated by the lack of skincare options. As a doctor and beauty expert, this team was the perfect combination to create something safe and helpful for expectant mothers. Started in 2002, this line was carefully created to make products that were free of paraben preservatives, phthalates, artificial dyes or fragrances. They are also allergy tested and made right in the U.S. Extensive research was done to find only the best and safest natural products that help prepare the skin to be stretched during those long nine months. These formulations also include essential oils to make a line that is pampering and purposeful. It is why they use the tagline, “Picky for a Purpose.”

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During my first pregnancy, I used the commonly recommended cocoa butter but found that my skin would be dry and itchy within a few hours. I would have to periodically put lotion on my stomach all day to keep the itching at bay. This time, I needed something that would hydrate my skin and keep it supple even as it balloons out and tests the boundaries of its stretching capability. The Belli Elasticity Belly Oil uses pure plant extracts like Vitamin E and Gotu Kola to help protect the skin from stretch marks. In addition it has contains cocoa butter and essential oil of lavender for a soothing effect and a soft, subtle scent. It is incredibly hydrating and keeps my skin moisturized all day without that greasiness present in many other moisturizers.

Prevent Stretchmarks During Pregnancy

As for the rest of my skin, my face is a combination of dry and oily. When I am pregnant, that is amplified, and my skin is even more prone to breakouts. Belli has a line of products for facial skincare made to cater to the sensitive and often erratic behavior of pregnancy skin. The Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator has Vitamin C, Grape Seed, and Chamomile that offers a lightweight but effective moisturizer that doesn’t play up the oily side of my skin. It enhances my pregnancy glow without clogging my pores and causing breakouts.

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Maybe the most important thing I need while pregnant and caring for a two year old is something that hides the bags under my eyes. Chasing my toddler around while I am pregnant has proven to be even more challenging than I thought, and I am way more tired the second time around. I have been using the Eye Brightening Cream to revitalize my exhausted eyes. The thin skin around the eyes is prone to puffiness and dark circles, but this cream has Vitamin K which has scientifically reported to diminish dark circles. It also have Vitamin B3 to re-hydrate those tired eyes and take away that zombie look often associated with new mothers.

Prevent Stretchmarks During Pregnancy

Belli makes a wide selection of moisturizers and even acne creams to help moms keep their skin looking their best through every stage of pregnancy and new motherhood. If you are looking for skincare that is safe and effective during your pregnancy, be sure to check out their dedicated line.  

Thanks to Belli for providing me with the chance to test their products as I navigate my second pregnancy!

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  1. I am all about products that were made without chemicals. It’s better for your skin especially if you have sensitive skin. I’m glad you found this brand and thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. I’ve never used any skin care product when I was pregnant! I was afraid to try that may cause bad results to my baby! Now, I would like to try this one on mmy next pregancy!

  3. I had the same experience with cocoa butter when I was expecting. I would have preferred something that works better.

  4. I’ve never heard of this line of skincare before but now I am wishing I would have had it for my two pregnancies! It sounds like it does a wonderful job of hydrating which is so important during pregnancy and I love the natural ingredients.

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