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How to Stay Safe (and Sane) in a Hostel

Friendly tips on making your hostel stay more comfortable. Addresses both safety and practical issues like snoring roommates. Traveling can be stressful. You’re sleeping in a strange place, eating strange food, getting used to a different time zone. You’re swamped … Read more

how to plan the perfect getaway

How to Plan the Perfect Getaway

Readers of our blog know the importance we put on travel, from exotic locations in Europe to road-tripping right here at home throughout the United States. As things in 2021 look much more opportunistic than in 2020, it’s time to … Read more

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Staying Healthy While Traveling 

Staying in shape and healthy is essential for everyone all of the time, but even more so while traveling. Whether you’re spending long hours in the car on a road trip or on a plane with tons of people who … Read more