An Active DIY Sight Word Game to Play Outdoors with Your Kids

This active outdoor DIY Sight Word Game is a super way to help engage children that are on the cusp of early reading but may find themselves more interested in other activities.

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If your child or little ones you care for happen to be really into vehicles, wagons, bikes – generally anything with wheels – this might be a great fit for them! One time our son actually pulled the shop vac out of the garage, hauled it around and parked it over a word. We were both laughing at the interesting selection and then kept on with the rest of the game.

DIY Sight Word Parking Lot Game

Choose a comfortable place (out of the sun, if possible) and draw parking lines with sidewalk chalk

Plan to choose words that apply to your child, show up often in books and are appropriate for their reading level. There are just over 200 high frequency sight words that are basic to adults but have been proven, if memorized, to help little ones read much easier.

Here are links to Dolch Word Lists recommended for each grade level if you’d like help in choosing your words for this game.

DIY sight word game

How to Play

Once the game board has been set up, round up anything you can find with wheels. Each time your child reads a word correctly, allow them to pick out a vehicle and park it on that word. Move on to the next word and repeat the process until finished.

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Tips to Help with Hesitant Players

Allow them to choose the order that they read the words in, some may want to go right down the line while others may be be more drawn to letter combinations in a word at the other end of the lot, that’s fine too!

Try to keep the parking lot to a reasonable size for your child’s focus level. Too big might end in frustration for both parties.

Give them a hand… think about the sounds that ‘th’ & ‘ch’ make together, look at the word ‘you’ not all combinations of letters make sense to little ones so give them a hand and teach as you go, this will always result in more confident smiles!

Not into things with wheels? Let them color over the words in chalk, put books or leaves over the words… adjust the game to fit your child’s interests, but be sure to let them lead the way.

Most importantly, just have fun with it!

You can play this inside on cold weather or rainy days too! Simply use painters tape for the lines and write the words on paper to place in the spots.


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