Keeping Kids Safe During School Field Trips

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Schools often take children on field trips as a means of giving them exposure to the world around them. They get to learn new things, explore, and have fun. Though you want your child to get the full learning experience and have fun when they’re leaving the safety of the school you want to make sure that they’re also safe and sound. These field trip safety tips will protect your little ones and give you peace of mind.

children standing beside fence during daytime kids school field trip

Have a Conversation With Your Children

The best way to keep your kids safe is to keep them informed. Have a talk with them about field trips. Though they’re excited about going you want them to be aware of what to expect. Discuss things like staying seated and buckled on the bus, staying close to the group, and to speak up if they feel like something is wrong. It’s also imperative to talk to your kids about what to do in the event that they get separated from the group such as finding a uniformed adult to get help from and/or staying in the same spot until their teacher or chaperone comes back to get them.

Get Informed Yourself

Permission slips are often provided to parents to get consent for their children to go on a field trip. On it, you can find some basic information on the trip such as where they’re going, the time they’re leaving, and more. If there’s something more you’d like to know, don’t hesitate to reach out to the teacher or school administration office to find out. The more details you have, the better you’ll feel about allowing them to go on the trip.

Dress Your Children Boldly

You want to make it as easy as possible for teachers and other adults on the trip to spot your children in a crowd. So, make sure that you don’t dress your children in clothing that would cause them to easily blend in with others or the environment. Try to dress them in bright clothes. You might even recommend that the school order bright t-shirts, hoodies, or tank tops in bulk from companies like Shirtspace in bulk so that each of the students can have one. Parents likely wouldn’t mind pitching in on the cost if it meant keeping their kids safe.

Chaperone When You Can

Though it can be hard to get out of work sometimes, when you can you should consider volunteering as a chaperone. Teachers are on hand to watch the children, but they could always use a helping hand. You can help to reduce the adult to student ratio making it easier to keep an eye on all the students. It’s also a great way to spend some quality time with your kids and assist in them getting a quality education.

Inform the School of Medical Issues

Whether your child suffers from peanut allergies or has asthma it’s important to make sure the school is aware. If this means getting a note from your child’s doctor and sending medication on the trip with them, then ensure that you do this well in advance so they’re prepared for the trip.

Field trips are one of the many things that get kids excited about school. You want nothing more than for your children to be able to have a great time with their friends and teachers, but the reality is their safety has to come first. To put your mind at ease and ensure your children return safe and sound, be sure to use the field trip safety tips listed above.