All I Want For Christmas is a Better Smile

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While cleaning my desk off the other day, I stumbled upon my list of resolutions for 2018 – talk about disappointing. Just like every other year, I had grand ideas about what I wanted to accomplish, and I tried tackling them for the first few months before letting the list fall under the pile of to-do lists and into the oblivion of life. As I looked at another failed list, I half-heartedly tried to decide if there was anything worth trying to accomplish in the last two months of the year.

Lose ten pounds – Yeah, right. Not during the holidays.

Save more money – It will have to wait until the new year.

Train for a marathon – What was I thinking?

Whiten my teeth – I can totally do that!

Between my love of red wine and a desperate need for coffee, my smile is less than photo-worthy. We just had family photos done for fall, and I had to edit my teeth in the photo just to be able to feel comfortable enough to hang it on the wall. With Christmas around the corner, I need to step up my game. I want my smile to be picture perfect without any editing.

0a211c90 e50d 11e8 b049 06344b32889aWhile my lofty-list may have yet again gone abandoned, there is still time to be a better version of myself just in time to make the holiday rounds. My family lives three hours away so when I visit for the holidays, I want to show up looking and feeling my best… at least better than my normal haggard, tired, mom of two, overworked, frizzy-haired ponytail version of myself. Some nice new pearly whites are exactly what I need to brighten up my look and maybe make me want to take holiday photos.

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