4 Tips for Protecting Your Cell Phone When You Travel

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The phone slips from your grasp. There is a fumble and a failed attempt at recovery, leaving your heart to rocket to your stomach at the same speed the phone falls. Suddenly, the exact material you’re standing on is either your best friend or your worst enemy. As you slowly flip the phone over it’s a heart-wrenching moment of truth and you either bless or curse the ground you’re walking on. Dramatic? Perhaps, but the majority of us can totally relate to this experience.

nokia lumia 830

As a traveling mom I’ve had the opportunity to drop my devices on soils across the US and even some across the globe. In fact, I’ve dropped a variety of mobile devices in some really interesting places: on the beaches of the Dominican Republic, down the toilet of a public restroom (it was never recovered…RIP), on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, downtown Disney World and the damp, pungent caverns of the Batu Caves in Malaysia to name a few. Some of those devices faired better than others, given factors like whether there was a case, the durability of the cell phone itself and the surface it was dropped on. All of this experience with dropping my phone (and many other catastrophes) has led me to have a few tips to share in protecting your cell phone when you travel.

4 Tips for Protecting Your Cell Phone When You Travel

1. Have a designated storage area. Most drops happen to me in a whirlwind of chaos when I have one too many things in my hands. Making sure to store my phone while it’s not in use helps reduce the likelihood of a fumble.

2. Start off protected and purchase a phone with built-in durability. Not all cell phones are created equally in this respect and those with Gorilla Glass 4 will give you a much higher level of protection against drops and scratches. You can find out whether or not your phone has Gorilla Glass with this helpful widget.

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I was surprised to discover my new Nokia Lumia 830 has Gorilla Glass protection.

[infobox]Fun Fact: Corning Gorilla Glass 4 is up to two times tougher than competitive glass designs and it survives up to 80 percent of the time whereas Soda-lime glass (what’s used on other devices) breaks nearly 100 percent of the time.[/infobox]

3. Keep it in a protective case. If you plan on being pool side this summer, opt for waterproof protection. If you’re a habitual dropper, purchase a rubberized case that protects against bumps and drops. Check your daily itinerary to make sure you have the right case for the job.

4. Carry an extra 1 gallon Ziploc bag in your daypack. This is a great way to protect your cell phone and all of your electronic devices against unexpected rain, snow or boating trips.

Does your cellphone have Gorilla Glass 4? How do you keep it safe while you travel?

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