9 Ways to Unplug Your Family From Technology

I’ve always been happy to introduce my daughter to technology and actually credit supervised time with her iPad for her being ahead of the game in school. But as great as technology can be for kids (and adults too), we all run the risk of spending too much time plugged in. As with everything in life, it’s all about moderation, which is why we should all make a conscious effort to unplug and disconnect from all technology and enjoy some quality family time. 

9 Ways to Unplug Your Family From Technology

Write Letters/Draw Pictures For Family Members

I still love getting good old fashion snail mail. It’s always a highlight to find a card or letter amidst the junk mail and bills.

Take Your Pet For A Walk

We love walking our dog around the neighborhood each evening. It’s good exercise and allows everyone to get some fresh air – no cell phones allowed!

Go On A Scavenger Hunt

I love playing this game with my daughter. We take an old egg carton and paint the inside of each egg holder a different color. Then we go on a hike and find something in nature that matches each color.

Jolly Time

Play A Board Game

We weren’t well off growing up, but my dad would always bring us home board games, proving to be the easiest (and probably cheapest) way to have some fun with five kids. We would have popcorn, sparkling juice and engage in some competitive gaming. To be honest, my dad probably loved the games just as much as we did!

I think about those days every time we open a board game with my daughter. We have all of the classics like Monopoly, Candyland, and Chutes and Ladders, as well as some of the new games from Disney and Hasbro. 

Teach Them Something New

Pick up a new sport, learn to play checkers, teach them how to sail or ride a bike – teach them anything! Not only will they have gained a new skill, they will also have had quality time with mom and dad. 

Get in the Kitchen Together

Get into Grandmas recipe book and learn an old family favorite together. Even kids as young as one can get involved in the kitchen doing simple jobs like stirring and mixing. 

Beach Day

Spend a Day at the Beach

One of the biggest perks of moving to Florida was the fact that we would be so close to the ocean. I love spending a day at the beach, watching the sunset and then grabbing some Fish Tacos for dinner.

Make Storytelling A Bedtime Routine

We read books every single day, but one of my daughter’s favorite activities is creating stories together using our imaginations. Let them create their own inspired dream world and you’ll likely learn a few things too!

Crafts For Toddlers 1

Make Time For Crafts and Drawing

My daughter claims she isn’t a good artist, but she loves to create crafts and could spend hours painting and journaling too. Pinterest and Google are full of craft projects from the super easy to the elaborate. Bonus: The practice will encourage kids’ imaginative and artistic sides. 


5 thoughts on “9 Ways to Unplug Your Family From Technology”

  1. Popcorn is a favorite snack around here and we do a LOT of scavenger hunts. I am always looking for creative family activities that can get the WHOLE family to unplug, not just the kiddos :)

  2. These are great ideas. We like to go on a walk every evening to take a break from technology and just focus on each other.

  3. We play lots of games and over the summer we will be spending lots of time at the beach and playground!


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