What to pack for a winter break

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Heading off on a winter break means drinking hot chocolate by an open fire and mastering the slopes, but let’s not forget the cold weather when packing. Unfortunately, it’s likely that your regular wardrobe just won’t cut it when it comes to surviving the snow, although it may be tempting to try. Don’t let the weather ruin your picturesque holiday dreams, layer up and pack the right way with our handy guide.

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Parka coat

Everyone needs a super comfy parka coat in their wardrobe, but it’s even more of an essential when braving the cold during a winter break. Not only are they incredibly cosy but their naturally oversized fit makes them perfect for layering. Invest in a high quality parka to take with you on your travels – brands such as Superdry currently have some great looking but super warm styles in stock. Look out for extra features such as faux fur lined hoods to help keep the heat in while still showing off your winter style.


Your base layer is just as essential as your outer layer when it comes to staying warm. Kick start all of your winter outfits with some thermal layers – they may not look very glamorous, but they’ll stop you from shivering in the snow and are barely noticeable underneath winter clothes. Thermals are relatively inexpensive from high street shops and are a great way of keeping the cold at bay. Fleece lined thermals are extra cosy, but even regular styles still make a surprisingly big difference.

Knitted accessories

Don’t skimp on the accessories, they’re actually key to keeping you warm during your trip away. Try and find a hat that covers your ears, such as a woolly beanie, to stay as warm as possible. Fleece lined hats add extra cosiness and comfort as well as looking stylish on the slopes. Your fingers are prone to feeling the cold, so go for a matching scarf and glove combo to ski in style.

Walking boots

Ditch those trainers because you’ll need a good quality pair of walking boots. Make sure they have a good grips on the soles, as well as tight laces to prevent you from falling – function does have to come before fashion in this instance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t nab some good looking walking boots. It’s essential that the boots are waterproof and can withstand the cold, but many feature wool linings that are both insulating and fashionable. For more tips on winter boots, you can find a tried and tested guide here.


Stock up on long sleeved fleece jumpers and knitted pullovers rather than bringing skimpy t-shirts. It’s always tempting to bring your favorite tees with you, but they’ll just end up at the bottom of your bag by the end of the trip anyway. The fit doesn’t matter too much, just make sure that you can fit your thermal layers underneath comfortably. There are plenty of knitted jumpers that will keep you warm, but merino wool and cashmere are recommended as they’re amazing at keeping the heat in.

Moisturizer and a good conditioner

The cold weather can also wreak havoc on your skin no matter what type you have. Change up your skincare routine to suit the incoming weather and consider carrying a bottle of hand cream with you on your journey. Wind can dry out your skin completely, so invest in a heavy duty facial moisturizer and always cleanse your skin before heading out for the day. Even oily skin can dry out during winter breaks, making you more prone to blemishes. Don’t worry though, Glamour has an amazing guide to saving your skin during the colder months.

It’s not just your skin that can dry out with the change of weather, your hair needs some extra care too. The dry indoor heat combined with the cold weather outside can cause split ends and considerable breakage. Extra moisture is key to keeping your hair in good shape, so go for oil-based conditioners to lock in moisture and prevent pesky split ends.

If you’re going away for a couple of weeks, it may be worth using a treatment on a weekly basis. Going on a shorter break? Spray a little bit of leave in conditioner throughout the ends on a regular basis to stop the damage in its tracks.

Ready to enjoy that winter break? Take on these tips to brave the cold and look good while doing it.