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If you’re just now stumbling across my blog, or if you’ve been here a while it’s apparent that I love to share my passion for food, travel, and technology. But blogging isn’t as glamorous as it seems. Here is what it’s *really* like to be a blogger.

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18 Signs You Might Be A Blogger….

  1. You have poor posture. With long hours spent behind the computer screen, many of us develop poor posture – like straight up hunchback status.
  2. You’re constantly taking notes. The “notes” app in your phone is filled with random blog post ideas, photos and “things to do” (that never actually get done).
  3. Your Google Calender is life, you live and die by it. Without constant reminders and a tight schedule, your days would be in a tailspin.
  4. You’re the Life of the (Twitter) Party. You can run or participate in a twitter party #likeaboss.
  5. You’ve been known to use too many hashtags. #nopenever
  6. You’ve become a web designer without knowing it. Constantly redesigning your blog layout, trying new plug-ins, or cross-linking articles means painful mistakes but also, mad tech skills.
  7. You dream about missing deadlines. Or better ways to SEO that post from last week.
  8. You stay up all night working, but can’t share what you’ve done til morning. Yep, we often will finish a blog post at 2am, but wait until the next day to publish them so that they will be seen by more people.
  9. You go days without showering or changing out of your PJs because, why bother? No one is going to see you anyway! This especially holds true when the husband is out of town. And who cares what your kids think.
  10. You get “off the record” requests. Your family clarifies whether or not a story is allowed to be made a blog post before they tell you it.
  11. You forget to eat. Someone, your spouse or your child, has had to pull you away from your desk because you’ve missed breakfast and lunch.
  12. You photograph everything. All the time. Perhaps too much. We all know we won’t even use 90% of the photos we take but we take them anyway because… what if we do?
  13. You do a LOT of your shopping on Amazon and Instacart. Let’s be honest. I do ALL my shopping from my computer. Who has time to stand in line or wander store aisle? Pinterest quality posts won’t write themselves.
  14. You’ve become the It Girl. Thanks to constantly being bombarded with press releases, you’re always in the know about upcoming technology trends, hot new products, and awesome travel destinations. You even know who’s wearing what, even when you don’t care.
  15. You fist bump your deliverymen. Packages are constantly arriving at your house and you’re on a first name basis with your UPS, FedEx, and USPS drivers. You may have even made them snack bags to take on their route.
  16. Your email inbox shows a 5 figure number for “unread”. Your email is a veritable hell that you will never see the bottom of. Ever.
  17. You’re a master multi-tasker. Well, it least you think you are. Most times you have so much mutli-tasking going on that you aren’t actually doing anything at all.
  18. You carry eye drops with you 24/7. From being on the computer too long, staying up too late or traveling to pollen ravaged destinations, our eyes make us look tired and are constantly streaked with red.

Amazing travel experiences and fun new products can make blogging seem glamorous and easy. But in reality it’s crazy long hours and late nights of never ending work. You can’t tell, but my food is always cold because it needs to be plated and photographed for blog posts first. Jack from said: ‘Blogging goes hand in hand with SEO, getting your page to the top can be a difficult task, but once there the reward is well worth the effort.’

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Few people see my crazed self after I’ve sat at the computer for 12 hours straight that day, because I become a hermit and won’t leave the house for 3 days straight. Most days I spend so much time at the computer it dries my eyes out and I need to just close them for a while (but no napping!).

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Did you know? When we use electronics for long periods of time, we actually blink less and our eyes are strained more, which leads to dry eyes.


Dry eyes aren’t just a symptom of blogging either. I can think of many professions where long hours are spent staring at a computer screen. If you’re eyes are feeling dry, irritated, gritty or just burning and stinging, chances are you’re suffering with it too. With the issue of dry eye on the rise, Rohto, the #1 Global Eye Care brand has developed a unique breakthrough non-blurry tear repair formula clinically shown to provide longer lasting relief vs. the leading brand. Rohto Dry-Aid lasts up to 12 hours and gets rid of all the symptoms of dry eyes. It’s designed to restore moisture to the tear film by working on all three layers, to mimic your natural tears.

Rohto Dry-Aid before and after

So you can keep doing what you love, like blogging at 3am on a Saturday night.

What are some hilarious (and not so hilarious) signs of your profession?

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