3 Fun Flavored Ice Recipes To Beat the Heat and Stay Hydrated

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When one lives in Michigan, but prefers to avoid the cold, you spend all winter waiting for warmer weather. Now that it’s here I plan on making the most of every minute of it. We have backyard barbecues, days spent at the beach, trips to the zoo, and plenty of time on the lake filling up our days. With fun, outdoor activities combined with high temperatures means it’s more important than ever to keep myself and my family hydrated. But did you know that you should be drinking 8 glasses a day to stay hydrated?! I’m not even close to that number and I’m already dreading each boring glass of plain water. However, I have to stay healthy and  set a good example so it’s time to get creative.

With few packets of Kraft® Liquid Enhancers (like Kool Aid®  or Crystal Light® ), Icicle Molds, an Ice Tray and a Snow Cone Machine we can create 3 fun spins on flavored ice to beat the heat and stay hydrated this summer – all the while avoiding boring, plane water. Just pick up all of the ingredients and tools, available for unbeatable prices at your local Sams Club and from there it’s easy peasy.

3 Fun Flavored Ice Recipes To Beat the Heat and Stay Hydrated

Flavored Icicle

Flavored popsicles start to appear on store shelves in full force this time of year. And while they’re a delicious summer time treat my kid seems to go through them like water. Instead of purchasing them by the truck loaded it’s more convenient and fun to make ourselves some home made Icicles. It’s super easy too!

Follow the instructions on your Kool Aid®  or Crystal Light®  to create the mixture. Once this is done divide the mixture into each popsicle mold, freeze and then enjoy!

From there you can refill each mold as they empty, or use the remaining on the Flavored Ice Cubes.

Flavored Ice Cubes and Snow Cones

What’s genius about Flavored Ice Cubes and Snow Cones is if you have the first, it creates the second! Divide your remaining Crystal Light or Kool Aid (make more if you drank it all already) into a reusable ice cube tray and freeze. Ta-Da, you just created flavored Ice Cubes. Pop them in water for a hint of flavor, or add them to your respective water enhancer to keep them cool without watering them down!  Now that you have your ice cubes it’s as simple as running them through the snow cone machine to create a delicious summer treat.

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