#7daysofsex Challenge Day 1: Whatever goes…behind my bedroom door

Last week on Thursday night, Lifetime’s “7 Days of Sex” Challenge premiered introducing two couples, the Partingtons and the Sinopolis.  (View a clip here) As I listened to their stories there are parts that I can completely relate to – kids, life, miscommunication that cause stress that really could make it feel like a chore. I am naturally a sexual person, I like to try new things and would find it a welcome blessing to get it on even more often. But without a doubt, there are many things get in the way that ultimately make us just too tired. How to change that and make it routine, building that bond daily, sounds wonderful. But, is it possible?

Always romantic - try lighting a few candles

This is the format of the challenge that was sent to us, which is the same format that the couples of the show also are following :

  • Day 1: Anything Goes – we are to use whatever we want out of the survival kit (provided).
  • Day 2: He’s On Top – He gets to take the lead on lighting the spark today. He gets to use whatever he wants in the kit.
  • Day 3: She’s On Top – I have to think of what he wants – I “think” this will be easy – ahhh, we shall see!
  • Day 4: Hump Day – We get to get out of the house! We are to ask our friends what they think of the experiment and decide together where our “getaway for the day” will be. I then invite my partner to go with you via a “sexy text”.
  • Day 5: His Last Chance – Based on what he learned from Day 2, try again! What changes did you make? How did it go?
  • Day 6: Her Last Chance – Based on what I learned from Day 3, give it another go! What did you do differently? Better or worse?
  • Day 7: The Climax – We are asked to take time today to re-write your vows. At the end of the day read them to each other in your own private “Vow Renewal” ceremony. – We aren’t married in the traditional sense, so this will be interesting to see what we (HE) comes up with.

Steam up that shower (total pun intended)

Well, night one has passed – and let me say this, steamy showers are always a hot way to start the night, there is something very exciting about washing each other’s backs….and well…day one was a great success…

Now it’s his day to take the lead, let’s see what it brings….he already mentioned candles….hot wax…with a sexy grin. I think I just may need another shower… ;)

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