Close The Distance Of A Thousand Miles With A Call #ToMexicoWithLove


My family and I have always been exceptionally close. So when I turned 18 and moved 2.5 hours from home I found myself homesick often that first year. One of the best cures for homesickness was a drive home for the weekend but on a college students schedule there were many times that wasn’t possible. So in it’s place I would call home to complain about classes, check in on my siblings and talk to my parents. Just hearing my families voice on the phone made the distance seem more bearable. Before I moved back home I spoke to my family on a near daily basis and chatted with my grandparents weekly.

Eventually my husband and I did move back to my old hometown to be near my family. Even though we only live a few miles apart life tends to get in the way and my family still calls each other often. Unfortunately, moving back to my hometown meant we were over 100 miles from my husbands family, and we had their first grand baby on the way.

While I was happy to be surrounded by my siblings, parents and grandparents again I was sad that my in-laws would not be able to see their grand daughter every day. In that first year I probably emailed thousands of picture and used hundreds of gigabites of data face timing. Now that my daughter is almost three and has quite the vocabulary she prefers to call her Nano and Papa every other day to chat. She has even called them up tattle on her parents! It melts their hearts every time she gets on the phone with “Hi Papa. Hi Nano. I miss you!”

Nano and Maddilyn

Family has always been a first priority in my life. Even though we may be seperated by a short distance my family is always just a phone call away. And if things are desperate it’s never too far of a drive. I can’t imagine if my family lived in another state, or even another country, like Mexico or Canada. A phone call or a text to say “How is your day?” would be even more important.

With my current Verizon plan I actually could text anyone in Mexico or Canada with my Share Everything plan but sometimes a text message can’t say everything. Verizon now offers 1000 shared minutes to friends and family in Mexico for only $15! It’s cheaper than any plan ticket, faster than snail mail and more personal than text messaging.    Being able to catch up with family and friends, singing them happy birthday, or sharing happy news is worth so much more than $15.

Plus, right now you can make a dedication to your family on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #ToMexicoWithLove for the chance to win two BlackBerry® Z10s and service* on the Share Everything Plan Plus Mexico!

I am a Verizon Wireless #VZWBuzz Blogger. Information for this post was provided by Verizon. All opinions are my own.

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