Come Take a Look Behind my Bedroom Door

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Shhhh, please do not disturb!

;) Shhhh, please do not disturb!

Being a parent comes first no doubt!  But what happens when that takes away the passion of your relationship with your significant other?  Lifetime has a new hot series beginning tonight, 7 Days of Sex.  Lifetime is challenging couples to follow a format of the show, and complete the 7 Days of Sex Challenge, by having sex for seven days in a row, and report how it benefits and impacts their relationships.  Lifetime challenges several couples and follows them as they go through the process of rekindling their relationships starting in the bedroom.

I have been invited to participate in this 7 day challenge.  I can’t say that my partner and I are completely out of touch in that area, but we are both always looking for ways to keep things interesting and new.  I am excited to see the format and share with you what I learn about balancing sex with real life.  Finding the time to do it 7 days in a row will be the real challenge.  So, check back, see what it’s all about.

Cheers, here’s to night one….

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