8 Destination Wedding DIY Ring Bearer Pillow Ideas

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From the classic ring bearer to pillow to some “out of the box” ideas, we’ve compiled the unique 8 DIY Destination Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows. I love some of these unexpected ways for a ring bearer to carry the wedding bands – for instance, inside a coconut or a seashell. But what I love most about all of these ideas is that they’re completely customizable and great inspiration for you to come up with something even more unique and completely your own.

I love this simple but elegant seashell pillow with just a single ribbon.

Super quick and easy DIY Sea Shell Ring Bearer Pillow. You could take this further by adding my pearls or silver gems. There are so many possibilities with seashells.

A burlap heart with an exotic flower would go over well with a rustic beach wedding.

Personally, I like the “To Have and To Hold” engraving but you could also personalize it with your names, wedding date or a monogram.

These shells can be customized for any type of beach side wedding. The ribbons can be changed to different colors, add pearls for a sleek look or perhaps fill it with colored sand.

 Love this pillow for a nautical themed destination wedding.

The seashell pulls in the ocean theme and you can customize the ribbon and tool with your wedding colors.

This was made with an actual coconut. I love the mossy look but you could also use sand (via glue applied to paper or foam) to create the top.

I also have my own unique idea in the works (with the help of my ZINK hAppy) for our Punta Cana destination wedding in November. Stay tuned!

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