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When I saw Disney’s Pixar “Cars” for the first time, I thought “that’s a good movie”….and then I had children! As a Mom, I have a whole new appreciation for the movie, the memorabilia and everything related to “Cars”. For most people, when you hear “Boogity, boogity, boogity” you think NASCAR racing, but I think of the Piston Cup race.

When my daughter turned 3, we had a Disney Pixar “Cars” themed birthday party. “Cars 2″ had just been released and she was in love with Lightning McQueen, Mater and friends. Now our son is 2.5 and he has been bit by the Cars bug too. From watching the movies hundreds of times, to carrying his Lightning McQueen and Mater everywhere, his enthusiasm is contagious, and we’ve all become collectors in the process.


I caught the fever several weeks ago, while at a yard sale. There was a lady selling Cars die cast cars that were still in the packaging, and I bought them all for stocking stuffers. That was the beginning of the end. Collecting has become my new obsession, passion and a fun past time for me and the kids. I love that’s it something we can do together, but also that the cars either hold their value or increase in value! My collection=a future investment!

Sometimes when we find more than one of a favorite or hard to find character, we buy two so we have one for HP and MC to play with, and one to store as an investment. Then when the kids watch Cars, Cars 2, or Mater’s Tall Tales (at least once a day), they love to find the characters when they appear on the screen. Who knew there were so many different cars to collect? And why is my son in love with some of the rarest and most expensive characters like “Snot Rod” and “Boost”?

We’re having a blast adding new Cars characters to our collection and at the same time I’m learning more than I ever thought possible about the film, the characters, and which die cast was released when and in what series. Are you confused yet? Me too! You see, apparently, since the first movie there have been all kinds of “collections” released. There are the originals which are referred to as “desert backs”, there are the WOC or “World of Cars” , “Race ‘o Rama”, “Toons” and well many, many more. (While the Disney store also has tons of “Cars” diecast to choose from, at the moment we only collect those made by Mattel.)

I discovered a very helpful site, Take 5 a Day, and that’s where I learned about different releases, and which characters are a part of which series. I also made some awesome friends to trade cars with! A few times a week, the kids and I make the rounds and check our local Walmart and Target to see if they have anything new on their pegs. I feel silly admitting it, but my heart races when I see a new character or someone we’ve been looking for like a Rip Clutchgoneski (haven’t found him yet) or the Mater the Greater set I found last week. Don’t tell my son, he’ll find those in his Easter basket! 


FYI, I do get some strange looks from employees and shoppers as I race into the store and stare at the pegs in the Cars section looking for the new and rare characters to be waiting for a new home….

We’re so into “Cars” that I almost passed out when I learned about Carsland at Disney California Adventure Park! I WANT to go so BADLY! (umm…for the kids of course) Oh yeah, and at the moment I’m trying to talk my hubby into sending me to the D23 Expo in August, because rumor has it they’ll be selling the elusive Convoy Brothers! A must have for any real collector.

What do you and your kids collect?

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Surf and Sunshine


  1. Lily Kwan
    March 8, 2013 at 4:17 pm — Reply

    I used to collect stickers.

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