A Weekly Disney Movie Club – Who’s In?


During the day while the kids are home playing and I’m camped at my desk hammering out some work, we have a movie running on the television in our living room. Nine times out of ten, the movie is something by Disney. We seem to go through cycles, with each of my children requesting a favorite Disney movie. At the moment my daughter’s current favorite is “Monsters Inc.”, and my son can’t get enough of Mater in “Cars”. Dadgum, Dadgum, Dadgum!

Of course I grew up watching and loving Disney movies, so I’m happy to see my kids enjoying them too. I was really amused the other night when my hubby came home from work, and instead of turning off “Cars”, watched the rest of the movie instead. I was kind of surprised too, because we’ve seen it over 100 times. (Totally not kidding, we should put up counters next to the television and track how many times we watch a movie!) I thought he was on autopilot and didn’t even realize he was watching a kids movie. I say kid’s movie, but in reality we owned and watched a LOT of these before we even had kids!


When it was over, we were talking about how we seem to notice something new every time we watch it! I joked that we should hang a sign over our front door that says Disney’s Movie Club and start hosting movie matinees for our friend’s kids! Next to it we could hang an electronic counter that shows how many times we’ve watched “The Muppets” (78), “Monsters Inc.” (45), “Cars” (322), “Cars 2″ (204)….etc.

We could invite friends over once a week, make some popcorn and a movie themed snack depending on what we show, and make it a fun viewing party. Maybe I could even talk another Mom into directing the kids through a craft related to the movie too! I’m too “craft challenged” to do it successfully! The kids could enjoy some time socializing with friends, exercise their creativity with a craft, and we could share our huge collection of Disney movies. What so you think? I think I’ll mention it to some of our friends and see who’s game.

Which Disney film have you watched the most?

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