The Ingenuity Washable Play Yard Is Travel Friendly #DivaWhimsy

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With relatives spread across the state we spend a lot of weekends away from home in order to spend time with my in-laws. If you have ever traveled with an infant or toddler you know the amount of work this entails. One of the biggest pains of spending weekends away are sleeping arrangements.

You know that saying that there is no place like home? We quickly found out it’s true for kids as well. No matter what we did, sleeping arrangement never worked out well. If she slept through the night it usually meant she was in our bed crowding us out. If she slept terribly, we all suffered. Which was why I couldn’t wait to try out the Ingenuity Washable Play Yard in Whimsical Wonders Design.
Ingenuity Washable Play Yard More than just a portable play yard, it came with a toy bar, changing station (that can be flipped over the side for convenience) and removable tray organizer. These accessories are great because it allows me to carry less when we travel while still having awesome amenities to keep her rested, occupied and dry. The play yard is also incredibly user friendly. I set it up right out of the box without need for instructions - it’s that self explanatory. I was so impressed I decided to create a video to show it off.

But my favorite feature is that it’s completely washable. The play yard can be stripped right to it’s frame and everything is washer friendly. Finally someone had the foresight to create a product that could actually survive travel and those middle of the night diaper explosions. Constantly transporting our old play yard really took it’s toll on the product. Not only was it getting scratched but wiping it down with a soapy wash cloth was not taking care of the dirt and grime.  Over time it became so stained I just had to throw it out. I don’t think we will have that problem with the Ingenuity Washable Play Yard.

What feature would be most helpful to you? 

Found out more about Ingenuity Baby Products on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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  1. October 10, 2013 at 5:14 pm — Reply

    Loveeeee the fact that it is washer friendly because the old pack and plays do not have that feature!!! I also love the fact that it has it’s own changing station. So convenient!! Thanks for the review.

  2. laurie
    October 13, 2013 at 11:16 am — Reply

    nice I have never seen one like this one

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