My Conversation With Adorable Iron Man 3 Star Ty Simpkins #IronMan3Event

Marvel's Iron Man 3 Premiere

It may not be every kid’s dream to star in a movie alongside Robert Downey Jr., but for 11 year old Ty Simpkins it was a dream come true. It was so much fun talking with the adorable, charismatic and funny young man, about his experience on “Iron Man 3.

Ty is pretty much a normal kid, except he’s been acting since he was three weeks old, and has already had roles in over ten films! Oh and he’s hung out with Robert Downey Jr., Russell Crowe, Tom Arnold, and Kate Winslet. That’s normal, right? When he’s not on set, he’s in school hanging out with his friends, playing baseball, fencing, or making LEGO stop action movies.

Marvel's Iron Man 3 Premiere

Its no surprise Ty enjoys baseball, his Dad named him after legendary Ty Cobb, and his sister Ryan is named after Nolan Ryan.Ty told us he’s been acting since before he was born, since his Mom was asked if he could play his first role in “One Life to Live.” Since then he’s starred in  Steven Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds”, played a young Jude Law in  “All the King’s Men”, “Insidious”, “The Next Three Days’ with Russell Crowe, and more.

What was his favorite part of playing Harley in “Iron Man 3″?

“I get to meet Tony Stark. I’m similar to him, because I’m like a genius in the movie. And he’s a genius in the movie, of course, more of a genius than my character. Robert Downey Jr. is like my favorite person.”

When Ty is on set filming during the school year, he spends a lot of down time working with the studio teacher. Between takes if it wasn’t his scheduled lesson time, he played Oregan Trail on his teacher’s iPad, his favorite game.

Marvel's Iron Man 3 Premiere - After Party

We asked Ty who he looks up to as role models?

Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans and Johnny Depp!

Now that he’s worked with Robert Downey Jr., he’d love the chance to work with Chris Evans and Johnny Depp too. Hmm, I wonder if Joss Whedon can write him into the Avengers 2? Ty’s favorite superhero is Iron Man, and his all time favorite movie is “The Avengers.”

While Ty’s friends think its super cool he’s in the new film, he says his Mom is his biggest supporter. He was in cello class, when he learned he’d won the part of Harley. How did he react, he screamed of course!

Iron Man 3 Premiere

Ty and his sister Ryan have worked together on a few different films, so we asked him how the dynamic is different when on the set without her?

“I feel more kind of focused I guess you could say ’cause my sister is a little rivalry. But we get along a lot. I enjoy filming movies with my sister, but I also enjoy not filming movies. So like it’s good once in a while to like, film with your family, and other times just to kind of do it with yourself.”

The young actor loved doing his stunts, and said the most challenging part of filming was when he had to say “retro reflection panels.”

My Conversation With Adorable Iron Man 3 Star Ty Simpkins

Look out ladies, this young man is already a charmer. I’d say lock up your daughters, but I think Moms will be happy to see their daughter’s admiring Iron Man’s new sidekick, Harley. You can see more of Ty this September when his latest film “Insidious 2″ opens in theaters. You can “Like” Ty Simpkins fan Facebook page or Ty Simpkins on Twitter @TySimpkinsActor.

“Iron Man 3 exploded into theaters May 3, 2013. Have you seen it yet?

Disclaimer: Disney/Marvel provided me with an all expense paid press trip to cover this event and share my experience with you. All opinions are my own. All photos used with permission from Disney/Marvel.

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