The Kidproof Smartphone Parents Have Been Waiting for is Here!

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My smartphone is an integral part of my day. It is my lifeline to work, my one and only way to talk to other adults, and my on hand entertainment for the kiddo when we are stuck in traffic, at the doctors office, or even when I am trying to get a few seconds alone to shower. As such, it runs the huge risk of being drowned, dropped, thrown, covered in food, broken or lost at any minute.

My 3 year old son has recently decided he wants to play “mad scientist” every morning in the kitchen, and a few times, he has wanted to take pictures of his creations before anyone else in the house realizes what he is up to. The most recent time this happened, my phone took a nice bath in something my son was calling lemonade — even though it was brown, and a little bit chunky. {eww!}

It was one of those frequent moments when I wished I had a waterproof smartphone. By some stroke of luck, my phone ended up being okay. The “lemonade” did not manage to get into the charger port or do much of anything other then make it sticky and funky smelling. {again, eww} But this is something that I am sick of worrying about. My phone needs to be kid proof.

What do I mean by kid-proof? Well waterproof would be nice. And it wouldn’t hurt if it was a touch sturdier for all those times its dropped, thrown or involved in a loosing robot battle. For all you moms out there dreaming for the perfect kid-proof phone, dream no more, because It.Is.HERE.

The Kyocera Hydro Edge is spill proof, splash proof, oops proof and goes with the flow…. In other words – it’s a KID-PROOF phone!

kyocera hydro edge waterproof phone

I got a chance to play with the Hydro Edge earlier this week and it is equipped with some great technology; including a Smart Sonic Receiver which will enable you to hear in places that it was impossible to before. Plus there is a big, 4″ screen that is impact-resistant, so no more pangs of anxiety when you hand your phone over to your toddler at the supermarket! It’s Android based and offered at an amazingly affordable price point. I’m excited to get my hands on one next week and will give you the full scoop soon!

The Hydro Edge is available TODAY from Sprint and Boost Mobile, and is not only an affordable smartphone, but perfect for summer days spent at the pool with little ones in tow ;)

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