Purse Recommendations: Upgrading Your Carryall to a Handbag

Upgrading Your Carryall to a Handbag

The utility of a purse can only be understood by a woman. They store every little thing you absolutely need, and struggle against rain storms, toddlers, theme parks, and the floor of your car. Though heavily abused by wasted receipts, melted candies, and busted pens, a woman’s bag is a part of her identity. Taking the time to shop and investing the money into a true quality bag is one of those tasks that the ladies who need it most tend to avoid (myself included). Here’s a handy guide to help you transition into a useful, fashionable, and durable purse.

You have a reusable canvas. You need a tote.

Lesportsac Black Everygirl Tote


The Everygirl Tote from Lesportsac is a perfect bag for a lady on the go. While canvas bags are durable, they’re best suited for taking home groceries. The Everygirl is available in a dozen colors and prints, so whether you like flowers, puppies, or glasses, there’s a style for you.


You have a hobo. You need a crossbody satchel.

Rebecca Minkoff MAC

Rebecca Minkoff is an icon for handbag design, and though pricey, the M.A.C. (Morning After Clutch) is the perfect size and shape to let you carry along everything you need without flailing around like a hobo sack. In colors like sapphire, mahogany, black cherry (among many others), it’s very easy to take this satchel from day to night, or to the morning after.


You have a tattered wallet. You need a wristlet.

Kate Spade Mika's Pond

While at a theme park or quick grocery trip, I hate carrying extra baggage. The Louis from the Mikas Pond Collection by Kate Spade comes in a firey garnet, which is sure to spice up your outfit, no matter what season. This wristlet has built in room for an iPhone and 5 cards, so you’ll have the essentials at your finger tips.


You have loose credit cards. You need a thin wallet.

Coach Madison Wallet


Whether you’re low maintenance or looking for something to supplement a larger bag, the Madison Small Wallet in Leather by Coach is compact enough to slip into a pocket. Don’t underestimate it though: the smaller version of their classic Madison wallet holds 5 cards, your ID, cash, and coins. Plus, Coach is a brand of high reputation that has always provided me with great customer service in the event that a product couldn’t hold up to my daily wear-n-tear.


You have a backpack. You need a large satchel.

Cambridge Satchel Batchel


The beauty of this bag honestly makes me drool in a way that no backpack ever could. The classic Batchel by The Cambridge Satchel Company has only been around for about 5 years, but the leather quality and design are timeless. This bag will even hold a laptop! While I love the classic brown color “vintage,” all the colors of the rainbow are available, including fluorescents.

All of the above will be going on my Christmas wish list. Will you be upgrading your collection, too?

All opinions are 100% mine based on personal preference and are not endorsed by any of the featured brands.

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