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State Farm Asks You Who Should Get $25,000

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of State Farm and I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

State Farm Asks You Who Should Get $25,000

In every community there are needs big and small. Maybe the animal shelter’s are over capacity and animals are being killed, or your urban area is in need of repair. Maybe the park on the corner has old equipment and is no longer a safe place for kids to play. Throughout the country there are individuals and groups that have causes focused on solving problems in their communities. However, its often an uphill challenge to make a difference with just a few volunteers, and funds from your last yard sale.

State Farm believes in giving back, and understands improving our communities is an important and ongoing project. For years, they’ve supported non-profit organizations in the United States and Canada with millions of dollars. In 2012, they started the  State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program, to allow you to choose which causes receive  a $25,000 grant to use towards making a difference. Then they award $25,000 to the 40 causes with the most votes for a total contribution of $1 million.

One day a skateboarder in Nebraska, Mike Smith, decided to start using his skateboard to bring water, socks and bus passes to homeless people in his community. Riding by himself, with just a skateboard and desire to help others, he attracted the attention of other skaters. Then a few friends decided to join, and interest grew, today Mike is the Founder of Skate for Change. Mike’s philosophy is to teach other young people to be less focused on themselves, and while doing something they enjoy (skateboarding), make others happy. Skate for Change won a State Farm grant in 2012. Isn’t it great that the simple idea of combining a hobby you enjoy, and a desire to help others can make a difference in ANY community?

State Farm’s Youth Advisory Board has gone through and chosen the top 200 causes, but only 40 will win. You can help choose the winners! Each day you have 10 votes that can be used any way you choose, use them all for one cause or spread them around (through 4/22). Just go to State Farm Neighborhood Assist on Facebook, and vote for a cause you’re passionate about, in your hometown or across the country.

Just reading through the causes I was amazed at the ingenuity of the ideas, and reminded that many communities face the same issues. We’re all trying to reduce the number of homeless, provide care for our growing animal population, keep our children safe, etc. Please make it a point to visit the State Farm Neighborhood Assist app and vote for a cause you’re passionate about in your community.

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