{Thanksgiving Craft} Handprint Mayflower

Once every couple of days my kids rush in to my room, faces stricken with horror, and collapse into a pile of sobs.  They then proclaim how they are certain that I don't love them because they found some of their school papers in the garbage (busted!).  I feel like a horrible mother, they assure me that I am. I dig out the papers, then wait till the kids are asleep to … [Read more...]

{Thanksgiving Craft} Turkey Bouquet

These little flower turkeys would be the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece! Supplies Artificial Sunflowers or Gerbera Daisies googly eyes card-stock (or construction paper) Instructions Using an artificial sunflower or gerbera daisy, trim the petals from one side of the flower (as shown). Make the turkey's face by glueing two googly eyes and a colored card-stock … [Read more...]

{Thanksgiving Craft} Thanksgiving Countdown Tree

On Halloween morning I was out grabbing a few last minute supplies for the big night (green face paint, hot chocolate, etc.) and I was amazed that the store already had up aisles and aisles of Christmas items. Doesn't the Christmas prep seem to come earlier and earlier each year? In the rush to get prepared and celebrate perhaps the biggest holiday of the year, we … [Read more...]