Your Weaknesses are Your Strengths

Percy jackson sea of monsters

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With only a few weeks left of summer, Percy Jackson is getting ready for battle in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, in theaters August 7th. The first installment of the fantasy series introduced Percy as a troubled teenager who discovers he is a demigod. Now that he has acclimated to his powers and befriended fellow mythical legends, Percy is ready for the quest towards the Golden Fleece in an effort to save their beloved camp. We were lucky enough to meet with the stars of the newest Percy, as well as director Thor Freudenthal, to discuss the making of the new film.

Freudenthal explained that the message of the movie still remains positive, “Through himself and his friends, [Percy] gains the confidence that he needs to succeed on his quest, and that’s what you can do in life.”

Star Logan Lerman added that his father who works at a children’s hospital has given him a great opportunity to see kids influenced by the story of Percy. “The movie makes them happy, and that goes for a lot of kids. So, it’s really cool, and that’s got to be one of the biggest benefits of doing a movie like this is” Lerman shared with a wide smile. Monsters and conflict are a large focus of the movie, but the characters’ abilities to overcome their challenges are what make the Percy books and now movie series enjoyable.


Satyr Grover Underwood is Percy’s guiding beacon through Greek mythology, and actor Brandon T. Jackson agreed with Lerman in the same way Grover would with Percy, “Believe in anything and to hold on to your dream. Anything you believe can happen, you know? I think that’s kind of like with any struggle you go through, if you’re down and you’re out, you learn to believe and that pushes you through to get to your next destination. I think that’s what the characters go through in the film.”

The collective inspiring message from the cast is only a reflection of the passion driven into the film. Freudenthal enforced, “The idea of Percy Jackson is what you perceive as your weaknesses are really your strengths or are what makes you different, and therefore great.”

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters continues the epic journey of young demigod (Logan Lerman) as he fulfills his destiny. After finding out in 2010s Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief that he was the son of Poseidon, Percy learns that he must embark on a treacherous adventure to save his world. He travels with his friends into the “Sea of Monsters” – known to humans as the Bermuda Triangle – to find the fabled and powerfully magic Golden Fleece.

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