10 Fun Summer Activities for the Family to Do

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Just one more month before the school doors open, releasing thousands of students for summer vacation. Our last summer passed by in a whirl and I have a hard time remembering the quality moments. I would like to make more of them this year and these 10 Summer Fun Activities for the Family are meant to make the most of that. 

10 Fun Summer Activities for The Family To Do

Spend Some Time on the Porch

Whether we’re barbecuing, sitting around at night stargazing or just taking in the fresh evening air we could all use a little more time relaxing on the back porch with a cool drink and good conversation. You’ll be surprised what your kids might open up about under the guise of watching lightening bugs. 

“Pick Your Own” Farms

Find a farm with blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, flowers, etc., and get picking. If you don’t have an option like that close to you, head to your local farmers market and allot $5-10 for each child to shop the fresh selection.

Head to the Park

…But not to play on the playground (although that too). Most local parks offer free (or nearly free) events throughout the summer, like movies on the lawn, carnivals, flea markets, art shows, craft fairs and more. Keep the schedule of the evens on your refrigerator and pick something to do each month. 

Country Time

Pack a Picnic

Perfect for movies in the park, but also days at the beach or evenings in your own back yard can be made more fun with a picnic.

Grow a Garden

It can be as simple as flowers or vegetables in pots on the back porch, or it can require a little bit more effort if you are interested in growing your own summer fruits. If you want to grow your own herbs it is easy to learn how to harvest basil here. Either way, having your own garden offers many benefits other than the obvious. Children learn about the science and biology of plants and picky eaters will happily devour items they’ve grown and picked themselves.

Bike to a Destination

Ice cream has never tasted as sweet until you enjoy a leisurely family bike ride to get there. 

Global Resort Homes

Play Water Volleyball

Volleyball gets a lot more interesting and way more fun when played in the pool. Have the children make up silly new rules to make it even more interesting.

Play Outdoor Games

Some of my favorite summer memories include everyone gathered on the lawn for a rousing game of croquet or badminton. Horse, beach volley ball and washers are fun ways to pass the time too. 

Whip Up Some No Bakes

The list of trendy new no-bake recipes is endless: cheesecake, cookies, or even “puppy chow.” Wash it all down with a classic favorite summertime drink – lemonade! 

Have a Lemonade Stand

I still remember hosting my own lemonade stand as a kid. Be careful of zoning issues, but I’m sure family, friends and neighbors would be happy to partake. 

Pro Tip: Create ice cubes with your beverage so they wont water down your drink when they melt! 

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  1. These are some great activities. We take any and every opportunity we can to get outside during the summer, living in Pennsylvania and being cooped up for so long during the winter!


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