10 Amazing Retro #Wedding Shoes

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Retro Wedding Shoes

There are a lot of decisions to be made on your wedding day and unfortunately I didn’t realize how important the shoe choice was until I was hobbling down the aisle, two seconds from a complete faceplant. Thankfully, my dad is a sturdy guy because I ended up leaning on him heavily for support. It turns out that I didn’t give me shoes quite  enough thought besides the fact that I wanted an ankle strap. It turns out mine weren’t quite tall because they kept catching on my gown (they were purchased after alterations which is why I couldn’t just shorten my dress again).

But more than just their lack of height they were boring. I ended up tossing them in a box afterwards and now that I think about it, I’m not quite sure where they ended up and I really don’t mind. I wouldn’t have worn them again – ever. If I could do it over again one of this fun retro wedding shoes would have been more my style. I found 10 styles that are close to “white” but with a fun twist. Many of them are inspired by the 1930’s- 1950’s.

Tell Me A Story Heel $94.99
Retro Wedding Shoes 2


Buckling the Trend $64.99

Retro Wedding Shoes 1

Gah, these shoes are so me! I love the ankle support and I would totally wear them again and agian and again..

Set the Curve $30.99

Retro Wedding Shoes 4


Paving Grass Heel $36.99
Retro Wedding Shoes 3


Standout Ovation Heel $36.99
Retro Wedding Shoes

Dancing Gleam Heel $129
Retro Wedding Shoes


I love the Tiffany Blue sole on these!

Unicorn Princess Heel $139.99
Retro Wedding Shoes

Really, who wouldn’t want a little Unicorn magic with them on their wedding day?

Design Competition $72.99

Retro Wedding Shoes

Glitter Miss Sunshine Heel $39.99

Retro Wedding Shoes


Sweetness and Sparkle $49.99
Retro Wedding Shoes


It’s always great to consider a back up pair of shoes too. Unless you’re used to walking in heels 8 hours a day. Otherwise, no matter how comfortable they are heels are heels and inevitably you’re going to end up aching. I recommend going with a pair of ballet style flats. The softer and more give the better – just don’t change into them until after the photos are done!


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