10 Super Cool Popsicle Molds for Summer

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You can tell summer is here by the contents of my freezer, cold is IN and anything “hot” is out. The kids feel the same way and we’ve been blowing through the ice pops at an incredible pace though I wouldn’t be lying if I didnt feel some guilt over this. Store bought ice pops are basically glorified sugar water but with home made ice pops you can do pretty much anything!  You can use fresh pureed fruit, 100 % fruit juices, or even yogurt to make delicious frozen treats. 

Disney Frozen Popsicle Maker

Even in summer, Frozen still capitivates the kids so I’m sure these Olaf, Anna and Elsa will be a big hit.


O-ring Mini Jewel Popsicle Molds Popsicle Maker Mold Set w/ Drip Guard Handles (Pink)

As a kid one of my favorite treats were ring pops, green apple please. This set comes with 6 mini molds of different jewel shapes, each with a built in drip guard to prevent sticky hands.


Popsicle Molds/Maker with Attached Cap, Silicone Ice Pop Molds
These are awesome for our messier kids, not only do they come with an attached cap, they are drip free too. 


Kitty Ice Pop Mold, Set of 2

This product also doubles as a lollipop mold when used with melted chocolate or candy. Includes: 2 molds and 2 sticks with drip guard to prevent sticky fingers. Designed to be easy to use and clean; BPA and phthalate free.

Fish Molds

Fish Mold with Tail Form Sticks and Drip Guards

Something’s fishy around here…

Bug Pop Molds

Bug Pop Molds

For the future entomologist. 


Monster Themed Ice Pop Molds

These adorable pops can be both sweet and scary. 

Ice Pop Molds
Umbrella Ice Pop Molds
I love these whimsical umbrella shaped lolly pops. Bonus, they’re dishwasher safe!

Disney Popsicles

Disney Mickey Mouse Popsicle Molds

These cute Mickey Mouse Popsicle Molds come with different colored Mickey-shaped handles with attached stems.

Rocket Popsicles

Rocket Popsicle Molds

Little astronauts will love this one! 

Ice Cream Popsicles

Ice Cream Cone Popsicle Molds
Check out these molds for an added fun spin on the classic ice cream cone. 


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  1. My boys love eating popsicles. I need to invest in some molds for them before summer is over to make them even more fun. Thanks for the ideas.


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