10 Ways to Make Quick Cash for the Holidays

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There are only a few weeks left until Christmas…so the number one question is how many paychecks do you have left to buy gifts? Overspending has become just another part of the stress of the holidays. Instead of charging all those gifts, try making some quick cash instead. It might just help you avoid that giant credit card bill doomed to hit your mailbox in January. Here are some ideas to how to make quick cash to ease the pain of the season of debt.

Sell Stuff Online


There are so many places online to sell all that stuff collecting dust around your house. From old laptops to those boots you never took out of the box, you probably have more potential money lying around the house then you might even realize. And just like you, everyone is shopping for gifts so its the perfect time to put your stuff up for sale. Look at similar items to what you are selling to help guide your post and pricing. Start with Amazon, eBay, or Facebook Yard Sale Pages to start selling. There are also apps you can use to sell right from your phone.

Donate Plasma


If you don’t mind needles and are physically healthy, donating plasma is an easy way to make a few bucks. I frequently donated in college, and when I signed up they gave me an actual debit card that would have my money automatically loaded after I donated. While there are stipulations to being a donor and guidelines about how frequently you can donate, it still pays money. Sometimes even a little extra can be a big help.

Cash in Gift Cards


Do you have gift cards from last Christmas lying around that you never spent? It happens to all of us. You get a gift card to a place you would never shop and would much rather prefer the cash so the card sits in the drawer. Now, you can actually sell those cards online. Check out the variety of websites where you can list your gift card for sale. There are also multiple companies that have kiosks where you can take your cards and exchange for them cash.

Get a Side Job


Now is the time that people are scrambling for good holiday help. If you have a couple extra afternoons during the week try getting a job at a local store or restaurant. Even 10 to 15 hours a week would help pay for all the extras you need during the holidays. If you work at a store, it also means an employee discount which could help cut back on gift buying.

Offer to Babysit


Take in some kids to help foot the holiday bills. Offer to babysit for friends and family to earn some moola on the side. This can be especially helpful for parents when they need a night without the kids to do their gift buying or maybe just an evening out.

Make Something


Do you have creative flair? Make something! With so many ways to sell handmade crafts online, cash in on your hard work and start raking in the dough. The holiday season is always a great time to start. People love buying homemade treasures for their loved ones. Start your own account with Etsy and put your passion to work for you.  

Offer to Gift Wrap


Do you fancy yourself a gift wrapping artist? Offer to wrap gifts for others for a fee. Be sure to calculate exactly what you would need to make a profit after you buy your supplies. A lot of people will pay good money to not have to wrap all those presents.

Skip a Pay


Many banks offer a skip a pay for loan payments. If you have loans through your bank, check to see if they participate in skip a pay, and you can opt out of making a payment for the month. While the same interest still accrues and some banks require a small fee, not having to make your car payment or use a chunk of your monthly income for another loan could help you free up some cash.

Mom to Mom Sale


Do you have a ridiculous amount of kids clothes and toys lying around? Check for local mom to mom sales and get that stuff ready for a new home. Those hoards of kids items sitting in the closet could help you bring in extra spending cash and get rid of some of that clutter.

Cut Back


Look over your cable bill, phone bill, grocery bill, anything that you pay monthly and see if you can cut back in anyway. You might surprised that you don’t even watch those extra channels or that you haven’t used all of your allotted data. People waste a lot of money by ignoring the details. Look over your bills and see exactly what you are being charged and if it is worth it. You could be throwing away cash that could be better spent.

Now, go make some cash!

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