13 Guilty Pleasure Shows You Pretend not to Watch

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Tracking PixelWhile some of us are completely engulfed in the season, watching all of our favorite holiday TV specials, They are the shows we hate ourselves for watching yet, we can’t look away. We waste hours upon hours probably dropping our IQs as we become engrossed in shows that consume us like drug addictions. The over-the-top drama, the ridiculous plots lines and messy love triangles drag you in and cast a spell over your remote, rendering it useless. Despite the absurdity of some of these shows, it is almost therapeutic to escape your own stress and mindlessly enjoy something that requires nothing of you. You can kick back and relax without even having to use your brain to think. Here are 13 of the guilty pleasure shows you should be watching if you aren’t already.

The Bachelor


We love, love. Everyone likes to see a romance blossom, and they really love the drama of multiple love interests. It is heart pounding and anxiety inducing which of course makes it addictive. Seeing people search for love feels like a real life fairy tale we get to watch in real time. We can’t help but see ourselves in the contestants and want so badly for there to be a perfect ending. Maybe this is why the show has been on over 20 seasons. Even if you are a cynic, you will get sucked into this sappy, drama filled love fest.

The Real Housewives of…


There have been nine different Housewives series, and they won’t disappoint. Originally inspired by shows like Desperate Housewives, the reality show was meant to capture what the housewives of the wealthy elite live like. Their spending habits, complicated friendships (with mostly bickering), blemished marriages, and career attempts are documented in a tell all fashion with interviews where the ladies offer their two cents on just about everything under the sun. If you have always wondered what it would be like to be in the top 1 percent, check out one of the series of Housewives.

Food Network


There is something very soothing about watching food being prepared. It is simple, but it taps into our natural instinct to eat. Seeing hoards of delectable food is like a reassuring signal to our innate need to hunt and gather, and it is relaxing. The Food Network is one of the best channels to watch when you need a day to just chill. Soak in the delicious recipes and mouth watering goodies. It is enough to make you forget about whatever you may have to fret over.

Say Yes to the Dress


What woman doesn’t enjoy looking at a wedding dress? The exquisite gowns are right out of our childhood fairy tales. Watching other women agonize over every detail and argue with their families feels like watching our own wedding unfold. We root for the women as they embark on the biggest fashion purchase of their lives. While we understand a wedding is about the marriage and the promise to stay together forever and blah, blah, blah…There is nothing more exciting than putting on a gown you can’t afford.

Investigation Discovery Show


Honestly, I will watch anything on this channel. The real life mysteries and tales of crime are fascinating. The constant wondering of “Who dun it?” will leave you feeling like a detective. It is like all your favorite mystery novels have come to life, and the fact that they are true stories make them even scarier and more intriguing.

I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant


There are a variety of these shows depending on what kind of strange pregnancy stories you want to watch. Secretly Pregnant, I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant, and Pregnant and… (which is a variety of anomaly situations that pregnant women find themselves in). These stories will defy your medical knowledge and leave you speechless. While some are pretty over the top, it is hard to look away.

Grey’s Anatomy


Many of you might be saying, “That show is still on?” Yes, Yes it is. Now, in its 13th season, it even had a spin off called Private Practice that was on until 2013. The love triangles and petty drama between medical professionals somehow makes them seem more human. Even those with vast intelligence and amazing skill aren’t immune to the issues of the heart and the highs and lows of life. If you haven’t started watching this show, you have a lot of catching up to do, and it is a great binge watch especially over the holidays.

Law & Order SUV


First airing in 1999, this Law and Order series has lasted over the years because of its complicated cases and likeable characters. If you love cop dramas, this is the best of the best. The intricate cases with victims that wrench your heart have unexpected twists and turns that will constantly keep you guessing. Aside from the cases, watching the dedicated detectives like Olivia Benson make you feel for the real world detectives that sacrifice much of their life to protect the innocent.

The Voice


Like the similar talent shows that came before it, The Voice draws in viewers because audiences love to see a success story. With the celebrity panel, talented hopefuls must win them over then, impress America for the chance at stardom. Audiences like to feel as if the fate of the performers is in their hands. There is something exciting about knowing your vote could change someone’s life. Definitely a great guilty pleasure.

Lifetime Movie Network


They have movies on just about every imaginable topic. During the holiday season there are non-stop feel good shows about love and happiness that will renew your faith in holiday cheer or at least give you a nice break from the chaos of your own crazy life. Chill out on the couch with some popcorn and get ready for a marathon of sappy, lovey dovey, warm feelings.

Sister Wives


The strange relationship between a man and his four wives has a lot of people watching. It is captivating to see how a relationship between five people with 17 children combined works when many people can’t keep their standard two person marriage together. Regardless of how you feel about polygamy, it is a glimpse into an unfamiliar cultural practice and an eye-opening display of what really happens.

American Pickers


This is one of my favorites because I can leave it on all day, and my husband won’t mind. Traveling the country, Mike and Frank are always looking for the next great treasure. Searching through barns and sheds in the backwoods, they stumble upon antiques ripe for the picking. It will make you wonder if you have anything worth value collecting dust around your house.

Dr. Phil


Who doesn’t love to watch others air their dirty laundry? Dr. Phil has a variety of guests that arrive amidst a crisis that is seemingly threatening to derail their lives. Cheating spouses, out of control kids, and everything in between. However, it is Dr. Phil’s no nonsense approach and obvious wisdom that gets to the heart of the problem. If anything, a few hours of listening to other people’s problems will make you feel better about your own life.

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