18 Crazy Awesome, Thoughtful and Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is coming, and it is time to shop! Etsy has a wide variety of thoughtful gifts your significant other will appreciate.

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Check out these beautiful and unique handmade Valentine’s Gift ideas meant for your someone special.

Dust and Things 1

Everyone needs a special spot for keepsakes. Give this memory box from Dust and Things as a simple gesture on Valentine’s Day.


Help keep your man organized and his stuff contained to one area with this docking station from Crea Gift For You.

HeartYouGifts 2

If you have spent any extended amount of time with a man, you know this mug from Heart You Gifts is a major compliment.

DeanPenn 1

Like many couples that have been together a while, it gets harder to find something to do on date night that isn’t stagnant. This box from Dean Penn has a variety of ideas to keep date night fun and exciting.


If you and your new beau are joined at the hip, you both will love this fun t-shit for couples from Linked Spirits.


This simple gift from Metal Stamping Lover speaks volumes about how you feel for that special someone.


TwoTmbleweeds have created these dice to help making cooking dinner more fun and interesting. If your significant other is a foodie, they will love these.


Give a personalized hammer to your beloved like one of these from Into The Wild CA.

OurLoveWasBorn 1 1

Give the gift of a personalized constellation from Our Love Was Born. Write your love history in the stars.

LeatherPort 1 4

Transform one of your favorite photos into a wall hanging by Leatherport.


These mugs from She Mugs manage to capture a whole relationship.


If you have a long distance relationship, this pillow case from Creative Pillow LV is a perfect gift idea when you can’t be together.

Peace Organics 2 1

Peace Organics has spa sets to make for a totally relaxed Valentine’s Day. It is a great set for couples to enjoy together.

FamilyPhotoWood 2

Create a unique family portrait with an order from Family Photo Wood.

crocozen 1

This ‘take my heart’ t-shirt from Crocozen is available for men and women. Let your heart be stolen this Valentine’s Day.

OurSweetest Place 2 1

This wall hanging for Our Sweetest Place is perfect to hang in your shared home.

FamilyTeeStoreGet a little cheeky with your gift like this mug from Family Tee Store.

i love you wish jar 4

The perfect combination of cute and unique, give this I Love You Message in a Bottle/Wish Jar to your favorite person.

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  1. Even after valentine’s season, these are still beautiful gifts. I will get one for the love of my life. Thanks so much for sharing.


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