10 Ultimate Features City Dwellers Would Want in a Car

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Kia Concept - Chicago Auto Show - 1

The Chicago Auto Show isn’t until next week but automakers are already teasing us. Kia Motors America will unveil an advanced and capable electric all-wheel drive (e-AWD) concept vehicle. The concept cars are always one of my favorite features of the auto show because it allows designers to really go all out creatively.

The bold off-roader was conceived by Kia’s California design studio and built for city dwellers seeking the ultimate urban escape. The car is intended to enable a wide array of outdoor activities from skiing and snowboarding, to camping, hiking and mountain biking.

“This rugged runabout captures the essence of adventuring at higher elevations with the promise of surefootedness in the wild.”

Okay Kia, interest piqued. Just what do you have going on in that concept car of yours? It got me thinking, as a city dweller, what would be my ultimate dream list of features that I would love to see in the Kia Concept car? 

10 Ultimate Features City Dwellers Would Want in a Car

  1. In-dash Starbucks dispenser
  2. A pop-out desk with power adapters in the glove compartment
  3. Or maybe a mini bar in the glove compartment!
  4. Built in wi-fi and cell signal booster
  5. Pop up movie projector and screen to watch movies under the stars
  6. An oven under the hood that cooks your meals while you drive
  7. A mini fridge where the spare tire is usually kept
  8. An ejectable tent that assembles itself, complete with air mattress
  9. Built in boot warmers and glove dryers
  10. A filtered water dispenser with options for both ice cold or steaming hot H2O

 Kia Trailster Concept

Okay, maybe some (what? Not all!) of those are a little far fetched, but here is what we do know for sure.

  • The new e-AWD concept car is called the Trail’ster. 
  • It features a bold design, fully retractable canvas roof and smartly integrated rear electric all-wheel drive system.
  • The turbocharged Trail’ster takes Kia’s iconic Soul to a new level of expression, efficiency and capability.

So what features would your dream concept car have?

You can check out Kia’s newest concept car in person when it is revealed on the Kia stand at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show Thursday, February 12th at 9am. We’ll see you there! 

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