3 Reasons You’ll Want to Reconsider the ROKiT iO Pro 3D

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Today’s smartphone has become an indispensable gadget that might as well be another appendage. Virtually a mini-computer that fits in your pocket, many of us use them to work, complete school assignments, and some have even replaced our point and shoot cameras or video camcorders. Just a few short years ago, we didn’t have a whole of choice when it came to which make or model to purchase. Today, there are more options than you can shake a stick at, making the choice of which is right for you oftentimes not completely clear.

So why would any brand or company try to break into a market that is completely oversaturated? They would have to feel that the product they are offering is different enough from the others to make them stand out as an option. And this is where the new ROKiT phones come in. The ROKit iO Pro 3D is their flagship model (at just $299.99) that is creating a lot of buzz from reviewers and gadgets geeks…and not necessarily positive buzz. Everyone is fixated on the 3D aspect of the device, which is not only impressive but also a completely glass-less experience. But once you get over the initial wow factor – everyone asks, well now what?

rokit io pro 3d

And this is where I feel most tech-focused reviewers are missing the point of this lineup of affordable phones from ROKiT. The creators wanted to not only come up with a device that was in line with today’s technology, but they also wanted to better people’s lives…in a REAL meaningful way. This is why ROKiT offers the world’s first smartphone complete with the ROK Life Services plan: a bundle offering access to a doctor on the phone, discounted pharmaceuticals, roadside assistance, family legal services, insurance (accidental death, burial, and identity theft), and international calls to any phone.

After spending a few days experiencing the ROKiT iO Pro 3D first hand, I can wholeheartedly agree that this phone is not for everyone. But it does definitely offer some life bettering services that you won’t get with any other phone. Here are three reasons that just may make you decide the ROKiT iO Pro 3D is the  right choice for you.

You Hate Being Married to Your Cell Service Provider

Admit it. There was that one time you just had to have the latest and greatest phone and you agreed to a 2-year contract/lease that locked you into your current cell phone provider. They’ve raised your rates to ridiculous prices and you can’t even use your phone when you travel abroad because it’s “locked”. When you finally reach the end of the contract, you decide to switch carriers and buy a new phone, but low and behold, you’ve only broken up with your current carrier so that you could marry the next. It’s a vicious cycle.

ROKiT phones

This isn’t the case with ROKiT. Not only are each of the five stylish black handsets all unlocked and compatible with any GSM wireless carrier, but they are also dual SIM capable. If you’re a traveler, you’ve just perked up a bit because this means you can finally take advantage of purchasing local SIM cards in foreign countries AND keep your current phone number, using BOTH at the same time while traveling abroad. You are no longer forced to pay ridiculously high daily international data or call rates if you want to have cell service in another country.

Spending Hours on End in the Urgent Care Waiting Room Makes You Cringe

I have yet to meet anyone who loves waiting around at Urgent Care, breathing in all the sneezes and coughs of the people around you. Or how about when a health question or concern comes up in the middle of the night and your only option is the ER? What if you’re traveling in Costa Rica and your child develops a rash after a hike in the jungle but you didn’t purchase travel insurance? What if you simply do not have any sort of access to health care or health insurance?


As a parent, I’ve experienced all of the scenarios, plus some, and on multiple occasions. With ROK Health, you have access to Telemedicine – a service that allows you to talk to a doctor about minor things like a cough, flu, or “it’s just a scratch” injuries, all day, every day. Using MeMD’s nationwide telemedicine service and national network of US-licensed, board-certified medical providers, you can be connected with a physician from any location via phone or web and receive a diagnosis with a personalized treatment plan, including prescriptions for common medications. Telemedicine is HIPAA-compliant and confidential and there’s no copay or fee. Yes, you read that right. It also covers everyone in your household. While it’s definitely not a substitute for a regular primary care physician, it’s perfect for minor ailments that can be treated over the phone or via video chat – especially while traveling.

You’ll also get pharmacy savings too! Savings average 60% but can be as high as 70% or more, depending on your prescription. Plus, there’s no enrollment fee and no limits on usage.

You’ve Run Out of Gas, Locked Your Keys in Your Car or Gotten a Flat Tire Before

If you haven’t (yet), then lucky you. I can’t even count how many times this has happened to me in my lifetime. Automobile insurance is expensive enough, I always opt-out of the additional cost for roadside assistance, hoping that none of these scenarios will come up again. Thing is, you never intentionally plan on doing any of these things do you? If you have a ROKiT phone with a Life Services plan, then you don’t have to worry about not having help for unexpected roadside emergencies when you need it. Covered services include: towing to a designated service facility; jump start or battery service; tire change or flat tire assistance; fuel delivery; extracting or winching when the car can’t be reached from a public roadway; basic locksmith services like a lost key or being locked out. 

I haven’t even mentioned the family legal services, ID theft protection, burial and cremation insurance or accidental health insurance that is also included in the ROK Life plan at just $14.99/month after the included free trial period.* Personally, I know quite a few people who would be happy to pay such a small amount for some peace of mind for themselves and their family day in and day out. To me, it’s just gravy that the phone is just as good and sometimes even better than comparable options at this price point. Take a look at the specs below.

ROKiT Life

Speaking of price, my readers can score $100 off the ROKiT iO 3D and ROKiT iO Pro 3D smartphones through the end of the year using code MOMTRENDS at checkout on ROKitTPhones.com.

ROKiT iO Pro 3D Retails for $299.99
✔️ World Phone, GSM Network Android, 4G LTE
✔️ Unlocked dual SIM and fingerprint sensor
✔️ 64GB memory and microSD up to 256GB
✔️ 5.99” touchscreen display Full HD+ with glasses-free 3D
✔️ Built-in 13MP and 2MP dual rear cameras, and 8MP front camera

*All iO phones come with 3 months of ROKiT Entertainment, ROKiT Talk, and ROKiT Medical. F-One and One come with 3 months of ROKiT Medical.

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