3 Things I Will Do When I Become a Mother-In-Law

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During my marriage, I have been carefully taking note of the things I should do when someday I become a mother-in-law. The things that are important to me are very different pre-kids vs. post-kids. I look at my sons and think about the people they might bring home one day and to announce they will soon be a new part of my family. There are things that I make note that I will do when my sons start their own families…a long, long time from now.

Knock Before Entering

This stems back to when I was a kid. My grandmother allows barged through whatever door in our house happened to be open. It didn’t matter if we knew she was coming over or not, she would just let herself into our house. This drove my father insane. Now that I am married with kids, I understand why. At any given moment when I am home, I can be found lounging in my husband’s sweats, running around in my underwear looking for clean sweats to put on, or reminding my kids to pick up their toys (usually after I stepped on something while running around in my underwear looking for said sweats). Regardless if my presence is expected or not, I will always knock before entering my sons’ future homes.

Stay Open-Minded 

My mother is about 32 years older than me. My mother in law is even older. These generational gaps have made for a variety of items that we can just not see eye to eye on. I am also easily offended and get my feelings hurt at the slightest hint of disapproval over my actions of decisions.

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Through the years, I have realized that sometimes those generational gaps cannot be closed. Marriage, raising kids, and career life are things we don’t need always need to see eye to eye on. It has made me realize that decades from now when my kids are navigating social rules that I know nothing about, I need to stay open-minded. I need to respect their choices and offer advice only if I am asked.   

Share Dish Cleaning Responsibilities

I grew up in a traditional household which meant my sister and I helped cook meals, and when dinner was over, we were to wash the dishes. I would stand in the kitchen scrubbing dishes, silently cursing being a girl while my brothers rough-housed in the yard. It is something that I have always hated, and during major holidays, I would sit at the table, looking at all those greasy dishes with ire knowing that I would have to immediately get up and wash them.

When I got married, I noticed the same protocol and dishes would immediately need to be cleaned after any dinner. I would always politely offer to wash dishes until, I noticed that I was the only one doing so while my husband and his brother sat down to enjoy a beer.

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Um…I don’t think so.

My husband and I agreed that we would both be doing the dishes. More importantly, we often host at our house, and I refuse to do dishes immediately after dinner or ask any guest to help me. I toss my dishes in a sink full of hot water and Palmolive Ultra Strength. Then, I let those babies soak and do them at my leisure the next day. I’ve got better things to do than wash dishes on holidays – like spend time with my family, eat, drink wine, and tear into that gingerbread house I spent hours making.

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I love that Palmolive Ultra Strength is residue-free and cuts through even the toughest of grease but still gentle on my hands. It battles those unpleasant odors that comes from a sink full of dirty holiday dishes (which gets exponentially worse overnight – trust me), and it leaves my dishes clean and fresh smelling…When I eventually get to washing them. Even if I wait until the next day to tackle that sink full, it is strong enough to remove 24 hour stuck-on food!

So much of my time as a mother is spent cleaning up messes, and the one day that messes shouldn’t be my main priority is holidays. These special days given to us to ignore our busy schedules and travel across borders to see family should be spent enjoying it, not cleaning up.

Using Palmolive Ultra Strength means I can ignore the mess and just enjoy my family. Years from now, I won’t remember if the dishes were done in a timely manner or if my house was spotless. I will remember sharing the holiday with those I love.

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