4 Incredible Places for a Digital Detox Vacation

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Need some inspiration for your perfect digital detox vacation escape? Here are 4 of my favorite places to travel that offer the perfect way to disconnect in order to reconnect with your friends, your spouse, your kids, or even just yourself! 

As our world moves further into the digital era, our lives begin revolving around technology so much so that many people have begun to push back against our digital connectedness by way of “disconnecting.”

ideas for a digital detox vacation

Whether they’re refusing to allow cellphones at the dinner table, ruling technology off-limits on the weekend or even taking “unplugged” vacations.

In fact, there is a new trend in travel that encourages people to disconnect from technology with ecolodges, black hole resorts and accommodations offering “wifi free” stays.

How about you? Will you be looking for a digital detox vacation the next time you take a trip? 

Ecocamp la Sangria

Ecocamp La Sangria is situated in the Samana region of the Dominican Republic. They offer sustainable accommodations with private lodge cabins and an open-air concept for the rest of the venue.

Ecocamp La Sangria is situated in the Samana region of the Dominican Republic.

It encourages the most natural experience with early breakfasts on the garden, dinners by the fire looking at the stars, gathering fresh eggs for your breakfast or lounging in hammocks.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous there are also activities and excursions outside the camp. 

Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai

Nestled in the jungle-covered mountains just outside Chiang Mai, Thailand, lies a 69-room boutique resort connected by water features wooden pathways through lush landscaping to create the stunning Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai.

veranda high resort thailand outdoor bath and shower

Rooms are modern and elegant with bathrooms that will have you wanting to redesign your own at home.

In addition to numerous local and cultural focused experiences, this upscale retreat offers a variety of ways to unplug from the grind.

Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai.

Take a dip in the infinity swimming pool, get your sweat on in the fitness center, relax with open-air yoga, indulge yourself at the luxurious spa and there is even a kids club to engage the youngest members of the family. 

Rios Tropicales Lodge

Costa Rica is the natural gem of Central America and Rios Tropicales Lodge aims to protect its lush beauty without sacrificing luxury or comfort for its guests.

Sitting at the mouth of Pacuare Gorge this sustainably built eco-lodge was constructed from reclaimed wood, runs off hydroelectric power and recycles and compost everything possible.

With 2,000 acres of private reserve, the lodge boasts more than 40 miles of hiking trails and numerous waterfalls, streams, and pools.

Costa Rica is the natural gem of Central America and Rios Tropicales Lodge

On-site there is an open-air dining pavilion and lounge where guests can watch the local wildlife. Perhaps the biggest draw of the Rios Tropicales are it’s lodge adventures: rainforest hikes, zip-lining tours, and horseback riding are just a few of the adventures offered.

However, if you’re looking to spend more of vacation low-key lounging in one of the many hammocks overlooking the Pacuare River, taking a swim in the soaking ponds or relaxing beside a waterfall are also options.

Spicy Villa Eco-Lodges

Spicy Villa offers five private bungalows and two family bungalows with amazing mountain views for its guests, about a two-hour drive from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

By no means a luxurious experience, Spicy Villa instead offers a chance to experience northern Thai nature and an authentic lifestyle experience at an incredibly affordable price.

The bungalows offer minimal amenities, just the basics in fact, but this isn’t a place where you’ll be spending much time in them anyway.

Instead, guests are encouraged to take in the fresh mountain air, enjoy the environmentally friendly swimming pool, take a walk amongst the rice paddies or participate in local cultural activities, including some volunteer opportunities! You can even help cook lunch and/or dinner. 

Spicy Villa Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Breakfast is included in the price of your accommodation and you can order lunch and dinner as well, which costs about $5 per meal. Meals are prepared with organic and natural ingredients, fresh from their onsite organic farm.

Each meal consists of several traditional Thai courses and for dessert, fresh fruit from the organic farm.

ideas for a digital detox vacation

Where is your favorite place to disconnect to reconnect?

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